Zero-Tolerance Policies in the Classroom and Structural Racism

Liam Day looks deep into the story of Ahmed Mohamed and wonders if surface outrage can obscure larger evils.

We Don’t Want No Stinkin’ Goji Berries

Liam Day was on the Coney Island boardwalk last week to capture all the goofy glory that is Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Michelle Wie is Finally Ready To Be the Next Big Thing

Michelle Wie’s critics forgot all along that she was only a young person struggling with the same issues all young people struggle with, namely becoming an adult. Now that she has, Liam Day believes she could be on the brink of the greatness every assumed for her when she was 13.

Ann Coulter is Smarter Than You

A master of the modern phenomenon of trolling, Ann Coulter knew what she wrote would get her name tweeted thousands of times and posted on Facebook hundreds of thousands more.

Are the San Antonio Spurs Boring?

Liam Day asks whether athletes have an obligation to entertain.

Call for Submissions: Renaissance Athletes

The Good Men Project’s Sports Editors are looking for your stories about athletes who are more than athletes.

Donald Sterling’s Overt Racism

As the NBA tries to come up with an appropriate response to Donald Sterling’s racist comments, Liam Day points out that, though it’s not always front and center like what the Clippers’ owner said, race and racism are unfortunately part of basketball’s narrative.

Reflections on the Marathon Bombings A Year Later

A lifelong resident of Boston, Liam Day reflects on his city’s resiliency in the face of terror and the need to wrestle with the questions the bombings raise.

A Story of Training to Qualify for the Boston Marathon

Robert Andrew Powell’s new memoir details his efforts to qualify for the Boston Marathon at 39, the same age his father was when he qualified. Liam Day had the chance to talk with the author about running, writing, and his relationship with his father.

Golf Digest’s Cover Reeks of Desperation

Members of the LPGA are rightly protesting Golf Digest’s decision to put non-golfer Paulina Gretzky on its cover. Liam Day believes it says as much about the sorry state of golf as it does about the continuing sexism in the publishing world.

For Dove Men+Care, Jay Wright Was an Easy Decision

Villanova men’s basketball coach was signed to be one of the spokesmen for Dove Men+Care’s ‘Easy Decision’ campaign. Between his style, his composure, and his obvious care to do the best he can for the young men in his program, it’s pretty clear Jay Wright was an easy decision for Dove.

Pay Them Already

The North Carolina scandal demonstrates that, if college athletes aren’t going to get even the education that is their ostensible compensation for generating billions of dollars, than they should at least get a share of the television revenue.

The Quaint Notion of Amateurism

In honor of March Madness, which began this week, GMP Sports has combed its archives for the best articles about the tournament. Here, Liam Day, in a post from 2012, argues that the players you’ll be watching the next few weeks should get paid to entertain you.

I Once Thought Drinking Made Me Irish

On St. Patrick’s Day, Liam Day reflects on a time when he thought he needed to drink to be Irish.

Get A Life, Will You People?

Coupled with Marcus Smart’s run-in with a Texas Tech fan, Liam Day says the backlash new Alabama linebacker Rashaan Evans faced from Auburn fans indicates that some of them just need to get lives.

First Love: Athletes With Glasses

Liam Day was a young boy when he first started wearing glasses. The athletes he fell in love with were the ones who wore glasses too.