Are Hollywood’s Alpha Males Teaching Us the Wrong Lessons About Masculinity?


Imagine if movie heroes could be vulnerable and emotional.

6 Reasons ‘Love Actually’ Is a Story About Vulnerable Men Winning at Life


Joanna Schroeder thinks there’s something very different about the holiday film Love Actually, and it’s the men that make it so special.

The Power of Men’s Love

magnetic men holding hands daveonflickr resized 8518782147_45fe7f5c97_z

Andrew Smiler argues that men’s love is incredibly powerful and that American culture can’t deal.

“A Million Ways to Die in the West”A Big Disappointment

Million ways to die poster cropped

Jay Snook says Seth’s latest has some clever bits but overall isn’t that funny.

Faith, Death, and The Grey


Christian Clifton looks at the themes in The Grey and how it brought him face to face with his faith and mortality.

“Healthy sexuality…makes you feel good about yourself rather than causing you distress.”

Sex Talk

This comment by Sandra Mellott on the post What Happens When We Don’t Teach Boys About Sex?

From a Dude Who Likes “Love Actually”


Author Steven Luna’s confession: he enjoyed the film “Love Actually.” Here’s why.

A Man Can Only Move Himself: Chess in “Kingdom of Heaven”


For Kevin Macku, “Kingdom of Heaven” was a game changer. ——— I suck at chess. I get too emotionally invested in pawns. Of course, the best way for people to not lose at chess is to not play, but then we become pawns ourselves. ♦◊♦ “Kingdom of Heaven” is a romantic fictionalization of the life […]

The 12 Most Pointless Remakes Ever Remade


Beyond self-indulgent remakes, beyond ill-considered remakes, beyond even pointless remakes, there lies… the LaBeouf.

There’s a Lot to Learn From ‘Love, Actually’


Doctor NerdLove surprises even himself in recommending the Christmas romantic comedy “Love, Actually” as a source for dating and relationship advice.

The Four Types of Men: Part I – The Warrior

The Warrior

Josh Bowman talks about The Warrior: a classic archetype of masculinity. This is the tough guy, the stoic soldier, the fierce competitor. But it isn’t all of us.

News: Hear It’s Komplicated on Sunday Morning Live, Today at 10AM PST [@isidra]

Apple news and a sequel to a classic Black film are topics discussed on this week’s installment of the web radio show.

About Two People

Here’s a story about two people.  The first one is a successful assistant coach at a major D-1 college football program.  The second one is the writer of the story. Watch Marcus Wilson, the assistant coach, and you’ll understand.  He paces the sidelines with his neatly-pressed university polo tucked into his neatly-pressed khakis.  He carries […]