Dear Liberals, We Need to Talk

Once we understand our role, then can we begin to accept our responsibilities and move towards an existence where it’s not all about us.

Republican Debaters Decimate Our Democracy

David Kanegis believes the Republican Debate was not only a debacle, but a threat to national security. And yet he couldn’t stop watching it.

Divide and Conquer Politics made Easy in America

Is the two party system in America doing anyone any good?

Dogma and the Intellectual: How my College Buddy was Blinded by Bias

If you think you can separate the wheat from the chaff with IQ tests and snazzy credentials, prepare to be sorely disappointed: because smart people with MAs and PhDs are often blinded by bias. ––– “The intellectual life has a certain spontaneous character and inner determination. It has also a peculiar poise of its own, […]

Who Cares If Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Run For President?

Liberal’s obsession with the presidency is one of their biggest problems these days. So it’s official, the grassroots campaign to draft Elizabeth Warren formally titled “Run Warren Run” has dissolved. As a liberal I personally think Elizabeth Warren is a great senator and am glad to see more liberals getting involved in the nitty gritty […]

Where Have All The Social Conservatives Gone?

Social conservatives are no longer the majority in American society.

Rahm Emanuel’s Big Win

Rahm Emanuel’s reelection as Mayor of Chicago shows the limits of much of modern progressive politics.

How Well Does Protesting Work?

Lots of liberals are looking back on the lessons on Ferguson this week, but they seem to be ignoring one of the most important questions.

Do Celebrities In Politics Help At All?

Celebrities are often some of the most visible people in our politics, but they aren’t always particularly constructive.

The Liberal Savior Complex

If Democrats keep searching for a messiah to lead them to the political promised land, they’ll be perpetually disappointed.

Sorry Liberals, Andrew Cuomo Is Doing Fine

Some liberal commentators claim that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s smaller than anticipated reelection margin is bad news for him. They are completely wrong.

What Ferguson Means For Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s remarks on the events in Ferguson show that she’s running for president. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she will do a lot to tackle the issue of racial justice.

Do Liberals Focus Too Much on Guilt?

Guilt can be a powerful motivator in life, but is it a good idea to base a political strategy on it?

Big Government, Texas Style

The divide between conservatives and liberals is more about what government should do, not how big it should be.

8 Things White People Really Need to Understand About Race

Jamie Utt compiles the essentials for white folks to know before talking about racism.

Are The Democrats Unified After All?

Compared to their past, the Democrats of today are remarkably united.