Extinguishing the Flame of Liberty on Refugees

Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld on whether we can learn from history or not.

Who Is Ayn Rand Paul Ryan?

How are Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan constructed in Ayn Rand’s world? Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld discusses.

What is it About Freedom That Stirs a Man’s Heart and Soul?

Men find freedom in numerous ways. There really isn’t a one-size-fits-all definition.

Remembering the Soldiers

Vaughn Granier on giving respect to those who give the “ultimate sacrifice”.

Why I Will Not Pledge My Allegiance to Any Flag

How to make an informed decision before you pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.

Why I’m Abandoning the Pursuit of Happiness

Tor Constantino is no quitter, but he’s giving up on happiness. He’s pursuing something better …

The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro by Frederick Douglass

A speech given at Rochester, New York, July 5, 1852

An Open Letter To Atheists: Why You Scare Me Lately

Jeremy Gross has noticed a menacing trend among the ranks of atheist activists. This is his plea for mutual tolerance.

Freedom, Business and Change

If conservatives want to run America like a business, they should never turn a potential customer away.

Why I Purchased My First Hand Gun

One man from an anti-gun culture comes to embrace firearms and the responsibility and freedom they embody.

Strange Fruit

Jackie Summers asks us to ignore, for a moment, the fact that threatening the life of a president is treason.

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On Freedom

Freedom to be ourselves, to thrive, and to change the world. An introduction to the Freedom series on The Good Life.

Blacklisted From History: A History of the Men’s Rights Movement

Men’s rights activism has had many names since its inception in the 1920s.