“Men are shunning marriage…for simple self-preservation.”

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This comment by Wes Carr on the post The Economies of Sex

Why Pickup Artistry Is So Toxically Tempting to Men


When guys can’t believe in their natural power, they’ll believe in magic tricks.

Depression, Drugs and Loss of Libido


Your antidepressant might be affecting your sex drive and the state of your marriage.

“As a transgendered person, I can no longer deny that one simple chemical can have a profound effect on libido.”

The Weaker Sex image by MCAD library

This comment of the day is from Eli, on the post An Open Letter to My Son About Sex. Image caption: “He takes a hand at bridge and has difficulty in keeping his mind on the game, with the result that he repeatedly trumps his partners tricks.”

Male Bodies and Objectification


When women objectify men’s bodies, how does that affect our cultural concepts of desire and agency?

Open Thread: Unexpected Turn-Ons


What’s surprised you about your own tastes?

Is Being “Rock Hard” Worth Risking Your Life?

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Male sexual performance supplements are largely unregulated, yet may contain dangerous drugs not listed on the label.

Losing My Libido: One Man’s Story

photo by lizzie279

Amit Wehle awakens to face the loss of his gradual diminishing sex drive.

How Much Sex is Too Much Sex?


D.A. Wolf gets into the question everyone wonders about and nobody wants to be the first to ask.

F*ck Club

Photo by Polina Sergeeva

“The first rule about F*ck Club is: you don’t blog about F*ck Club.”

Six Creepy Assumptions In “Five Things Men Do To Ruin Their Own Sex Lives”


Noah Brand responds, point by point, to a recent Cracked article that provides relationship advice for some kind of disturbing alternate world.

“My wife’s libido dropped while mine was strong, and we wanted to make it work so we communicated and brainstormed.”


This is a comment by Arium on the post “On Withholding Sex”.

“The lower-libido person still has some responsibility. Being less interested doesn’t give you dictatorial power over the sex life.”


These are comments by Ulysses and wellokaythen on the post “On Withholding Sex“.

Can Men Tell The Truth About Sex?


Where are the male voices debating contemporary sexuality? No, really, where are they?

“The subtext: men are sex-crazed maniacs and women aren’t supposed to like sex.”


This is a comment by Sarah on the post “The Truth about Porn and Relationships”.

Dear John: His Low Libido Is Bringing Her Down


This week Dear John addresses a low libido, a son’s discovery of porn, and a self-conscious, protective partner.