Question of the Day: How Have School Librarians Helped You?

April 4th is National School Librarian Day. Who was your school librarian and how did they help you out?

Violence In The Library

When we’re confronted with abuse, we feel the urge to do harm to the abusers. Josh Hanagarne reflects on his experiences, and his impulses.

Six Tips To Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies

Want your partner to willingly participate in your fantasies? It’s not as hard as you may think.

Ten Things I’ve Learned From (and Love About) Libraries

Libraries are free public spaces. Think about what that means. A free open space for anybody to use and enjoy. Public space is sadly becoming more and more rare these days.

Guestpost #38: Kjell Cawsey – Ten things I've learned from working in a library

Kjell Cawsey does not have enough degrees to be a librarian. She’s originally from Victoria and is adjusting to Toronto while pursuing one of those degrees she’s heard so much about. She likes theatre, dance parties, and sharing baked goods. You can check her out as 1/6 of the ITC improv team Betty. People […]