Misrata dawn


Helen Wing gives voice to the horrors perpetrated on young women and men in the 2011 Libyan uprising.

The Return Of George W. Bush’s Foreign Policy


The American people may think that George W. Bush’s presidency was a disaster, but the Republican Party is still committed to his foreign policy vision.

Is Engaging Iraq a Humanitarian Imperative or Military Folly?


World involvement in Iraq is critical to saving lives and preventing a destabilized region from erupting into full chaos with disastrous worldwide implications

Two Dead in Suicide Bombing at US Embassy in Turkey

turkey embassy bombing

The US and Turkish governments are working in unison to investigate the most recent attack on a US Embassy.

Syrian Internet and Mobile Communication Blackout


Disturbing breaking news from Syria: Internet service blacked-out nationwide, and select areas have lost all cellular service.

Video: A Muslim’s Perspective on Religion and Protests

Screen Shot 2012-09-23 at 9.34.33 PM

Don Lemon sits down with Haroon Moghul, who offers a fair and balanced assessment of the protests happening in some Muslim nations.

Anger of Muslims, Part 2: Making Sense in 3D


The violence in the Middle East makes sense when viewed from sufficient perspectives.

Should Anderson Cooper Have Shared Contents of Late Ambassador’s Diary?

Screen Shot 2012-09-23 at 11.50.35 AM

Who is responsible for leaking the existence of Ambassador Stevens’ private journal?

How the Extreme Right is Wronging America

Screen Shot 2012-09-12 at 12.00.21 PM

Protests in Libya and Egypt embolden Cameron Conaway’s belief: We need to wage a war of peace and this means calling out bigots.

The Death of American Ambassador Stevens May Be Linked to al Qaeda


Stevens, friend of the Libya Revolution, died after a call for revenge by Al Qaeda was posted online Monday for the death of it’s No. 2 commander, a native of Libya.

Rankism: The Poison that Destroys Relationships


Robert Fuller discusses the roots of discrimination and assaults on human dignity.

Remembering Tim


It’s coming up on a year since arguably the most talented war photojournalist of our time died in Libya. It’s time to remember him.

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#1 Witness

Kamber Iraq

What is male goodness? Sometimes, just witnessing the good in others.

The 10 at 10


Good drivers are bad drivers, the Internet is older than college students, and the earthquake destroys something in D.C.

The 10 at 10


The New York Observer identified C.I.A. John, the Libyan Revolution’s being filmed by a helmet-cam, and Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to the screen.

R.I.P. Tim Hetherington

Tim Hetherington

The photojournalist and co-director of ‘Restrepo’ was killed while on assignment in Libya.