Reflections Without a Mirror

reflections 1

Have a seat at the table and learn how to take life serious…ly easy!

Inspiration Unpacked: It’s Not the End

john lennon

Whatever you think is going to put an end to you, bankruptcy, disease, divorce – if it’s not OK, it’s not the end.


bad boys

I learned about white privilege from the streets—not the classroom.

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Freedom and being free and far from the same

A 13 Step Blueprint for a Stone Age Life

Stone Age GMP post

What do you do when modern life starts causing you more stress than relaxation? Freelance writer, Brett Larson, has the answer.

Why Failure Hurts – and How to Use it To Help

man in suit

Shayne Hughes wants to you to re-define the word failure.

When The One Who Got Away Found Me On Facebook

one that got away

She reached out from another lifetime, and tapped me on the shoulder through the time-travel machine that lets old flames find each other: Facebook.

7 Essential Life-Lessons Learned at Age 66

runner Georgie Pauwels:flickr

Jed Diamond learned about love and life by running his first marathon.

Want to Get Life Rolling Again? Think Etch-A-Sketch

etch a sketch

Kyle Luetters explains how this 1950’s era toy is a great lesson in how to rebuild and reshape your overall masterpiece.

7 Steps to Kicking Procrastination in the Ass


Psychologist Sandy Peace offers 7 steps that will help you kick procrastination in the ass!

Be Like Water – Responding to Life’s Challenges

water drops

You might expect that Bruce Lee would tell us to take on adversity with sheer force, but this wisdom he learned from his mentor taught him a better way to be strong.

Twenty Tips for Surviving Your Twenties

20s Mark Seymour

Sami Jankins was asked for a decade’s worth of pointers to live by by a friend who was turning 20. She dug deep and found them.

The 7 Pieces of Life Advice That Actually Changed My Life

cartwheel photo by danale9

These are life-changers because they are tools to change what you need to change, and appreciate what you already have.

“Accept reality & embrace it, don’t wish it was something else”


What Do We Do With Regret

What Do We Do With Regret?

regret-photo-Oleh Slobodeniuk

Leo Babauta talks about why we have regret, how we can get past it, and agrees, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

What If Comparing Your Success With Others Isn’t Such a Bad Thing?

Apparently this wasn’t always enough.

We may not be able to stop measuring ourselves against others, but we can decide which yardstick we use to measure.