To Shawshank, With Love


Brian Rutter contemplates life choices and finds redemption through the power of Shawshank Redemption. Again and again and again.

How I Jumped…and You Can, Too


Dillan DiGiovanni talks personal leaps, what holds people back, and how to jump forward.

7 Choices You Can Make Today to Live Your Best Life


Bernard Haynes says these seven choices are either helping or hurting the way you live life.

Poor People Will Kill You

homeless man and child

How a poor-man mindset leads to not only material poverty, but to crimes against yourself and others.

7 Choices You’ll Regret At The End of Your Life

Old man looking up

One successful entrepreneur reflects on his last conversations with his father, who died unexpectedly at 54, and vows not to live a life of regrets.

Choosing a Life of Deliberate Influence


Vaughan Granier believes, “we need to choose lives of deliberate, and not random influence, regardless of how narrow or wide our spheres of influence might be.”

Why I Quit and Never Looked Back

man yoga photo by

Orin Hahn describes listening to the voice within, and making the decision to walk away.

“I have learned so much from the conversation at The Good Men Project.”


This is a comment by Carla Smith on the post “Why Our Boys Need The Good Men Project”.