Just Stick to the Landing (Without Losing Sight of Your Needs)

Choosing between the moment and the reality that follows can be life’s most difficult jump.

How Successful People Make Smart Decisions

When dccision fatigue sets in, we choose poorly—or not at all. Dr. Travis Bradberry shares the secrets to making great decisions that empower your life.

It’s Never Too Late to Realize a Dream or Chase Your Passion

John Picciuto says you have no one but yourself to blame for where you are, or what you are or aren’t doing. If you want to change your life, do it now. Here’s how.

You Need to Stop Seeking Purpose

Seeking purpose or creating purpose, which is a goal necessary for survival?

The Only 2 Questions You Need to Ask Before Making Any Decision

Faced with a small choice or monumental decisions, being honest with yourself about these two things will set you off in the right direction.

Living in a Tug-of-War

Kyle Luetters breaks down the tug of war that goes on between living in the moment and planning for excellent success in the future.

Why Not Knowing What You Want Will Get You What You DON’T Want

Coach and Author, Dixie Gillaspie, challenges us to make decisions out of our vision of long-term results rather than defaulting to what is expected or what feels good right now!

Prioritizing Time and Money

“Ten years ago, I turned my head for a moment and it became my life.”

The Childfree Life

I could have been a decent, if reluctant, father, just like my own father was. I’ve made a different choice.

Giving Up: My Career as a Stand-Up Comic

Bo Guthrie knows that the key to success in stand-up comedy is never giving up, but when does persistence become foolishness?