The Long and Short of It (No, Not That …)

Short men get the short end of the stick when it comes to income and sexual partners, BUT they live longer lives than the men they look up to.

The Shocking Facts Behind Men’s Declining Health

Men need to start demanding change by pushing politicians and doctors to take action.

Research Shows Old Age is Getting Younger All the Time

The life expectancy of a child born in a wealthy country today could well be 100 years. By the end of the century, the populations of many of those countries could have median ages above 65.

Navigating the New Stage of Male Development

Your challenge is not to avoid this stage (because it’s here to stay) but to navigate it consciously and ethically.

It’s About Healthcare, Not Health Insurance

Healthcare is a human must. A sustainable high-quality health care system is the mark of a great society.

I Didn’t Elect to Have Cancer (Sometimes, Just Sometimes, Politics Work)

Toar Winter got a crash course on how the politics of his state affected him on a very personal level.

Expectancy (Life)

Jim Mitchem has 30 years to figure out: What will be his destiny?

Who Cares About Men’s Rights?

Trigger warning for mentions of suicide, domestic abuse, and rape.  I do. I care about every boy that was ever called a fag or a pussy or a sissy for being emotional, or sensitive, or unathletic, or just not manly enough. I care about the boys who are afraid they’ll lose their manhood if they admit they […]

Macho Men Die Early

The tragedy of traditional masculinity is that it shortens men’s lives—and that it does so in the name of making them better husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons.

The 10 at 10

Elephants are cheaters, dog owners are fit, and President Obama picks his Final Four.

A Good Thing to Do Today: Drive Slower

My Hulk-like anger—and primitive 16-year old brain—would propel me to pull some outrageously stupid stuff. Passing someone on the right side, for instance … in the pouring rain … on a sharp turn.