I’m the Best There Is At What I Do

the best

Can you say you are working to be the best you can be at everything you do?

Learn How to Be a Good Man from House of Cards Villain Frank Underwood

house of cards

The lessons on success we can learn from House of Cards are anything but fiction, and they don’t require being a villain.

4 Choices You’ll Regret This Year


This is the time of year when too many people give up on their goals.

Inspiration Unpacked: How to Become Fear-less of Failure

Michael Jordan

No one is immune to failure, or fear. But no one has to let fear of failure keep them from winning.

Inspiration Unpacked: Why Make it Harder Than it Has to Be?

hard work

While money doesn’t automatically follow love, doing something you can put your heart into makes work easier on your mind and body.

Inspiration Unpacked: You’ve Been Putting It Up Your Whole Life

flip a coin

Your life is but an accumulation of days. Make this one count.

5 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Yourself


Get the courage, confidence, and commitment to achieve more in your life and career.

Forget the Legacy, Just Live Your Legend

bruce lee tshirt

Knowing what life is really about is what it takes to be a living legend, now.

Inspiration Unpacked: What is Your Worthy Ideal?

soldier high five with baby

Goals aren’t reached in one giant step. Even a goal of being “nicer” is reached one choice at a time.

10 Ways Successful People Lead Themselves


After more than 75 interviews with successful leaders, Sean Ackerman is starting to see a few commonalities.

Endless Possibilities: 8 Reasons It’s Scary To Follow Your Dreams


Following your dreams sounds magical. That is, until you start doing it.

5 Honest Reasons Why We Don’t Stick With Big Goals


This could be the greatest year of your life if you get honest about what’s held you back in the past.

Inspiration Unpacked: The Business of Purpose and Desire


Doug Wagner takes on the three seemingly simple requirements for getting what you want.

Let’s Make 2015 the Year of Secret Resolutions


Tempted to tell the world your exciting New Year’s resolutions? Don’t! In 2015, we should keep our goals secret.

What Will You Do With The Rest of This Year?


Every year many of us make New Years Resolutions that fade away a few months into the year. Kimanzi Constable explains why that’s OK.

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