4 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want to Be Happy

man laughing over lunch

How would you know if your choices were leading you to true happiness?

Weeding Out Habits Before They Take Root

weeding the garden

It isn’t really a case of good habits or bad, but a selection process of what you want to grow in your life.

4 Mindset Shifts for Men Who Want to Live a Passionate Life

man at work

A passionate life is within reach for anyone, but you may need to rethink what that means.

3 Simple Ways to Land Your Dream Job

man in dream job

Your dream job: What is it? And how do you get it?

One Big Problem with the Hustle Mentality

hard working man

If you are a hard-working hustler, you may find yourself hustling in the wrong direction.

Men, Stop Letting the World Define You

boy mimicing dad

With all the conflicting signals about what a man is supposed to be, here’s a refreshing idea. Whatever he wants.

Seven Business Lessons From a Reluctant Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Article

Hilary Lauren wasn’t ready to run her own business, even though a change was way overdue.

Don’t Eat the Last Cookie and 5 Other Things I’ve Learned about Creating a Happy Marriage

couple sharing dessert

A moment of mortification started an 18 year journey toward happy ever after.

From Broken Dreams to Dream Street


From being raised by relatives, caring for his mother, mourning a father he barely knew, and homeless. To performing his own songs on stage.

How to Know When You’re Burnt Out and What to Do About It

tired businessman

Some people don’t need to find joy in their work. But for those of us who do, here’s how to make it possible.

3 Secrets to Beginning Your Success Right Now


The race doesn’t begin at the starting line, it begins with the desire to run.

I’m the Best There Is At What I Do

the best

Can you say you are working to be the best you can be at everything you do?

Learn How to Be a Good Man from House of Cards Villain Frank Underwood

house of cards

The lessons on success we can learn from House of Cards are anything but fiction, and they don’t require being a villain.

4 Choices You’ll Regret This Year


This is the time of year when too many people give up on their goals.

Inspiration Unpacked: How to Become Fear-less of Failure

Michael Jordan

No one is immune to failure, or fear. But no one has to let fear of failure keep them from winning.

Inspiration Unpacked: Why Make it Harder Than it Has to Be?

hard work

While money doesn’t automatically follow love, doing something you can put your heart into makes work easier on your mind and body.