6 Steps to Creating the Life You Want

A bold invitation to let go of the pain you’re tolerating in your life and go after the pleasure you could be experiencing.

Is it Possible to Die of a Broken Heart?

After 55 years of being by his side every day, being apart was more than she could handle when my dad became ill.

Finding the Power to Dream Again

Something quiet roars within our being, reminding us there is something greater, something more. I have lived nearly three and a half decades now and have witnessed many personal dreams crash and burn, as many other people have seen in their own lives. I have watched as precious dreams faded off into wherever they go, passed on […]

5 Reasons Friendships Get Better As We Get Older

Our friendships change over time, but can get better and deeper as we get older.

Your Life is Over Now, Apparently

Stephen Graham was triggered into thought-provoking action when a friend declared her life “over” at 28.

Are You Afraid Of The “C” Word?

Dr. Steve explores not one, not two, but three “C” words and how they affect men’s ability to be in a long-lasting relationship

Teach Your Children the Meaning of Value While They’re Young

Learned values early on will benefit teens in the workplace and in life.

The Importance of Being Authentic

It may not always be easy, but the benefits are truly worth it.

Listen to the Soundtrack of Your Life

The sounds all around you are clues to who you are and what to be grateful for.

I’m Going to be Old…Will I be Ready?

For many of life’s issues, there’s a relatively immediate solution.

Entrepreneurs Write Their Own Stories

Am I the protagonist of my own story?

The Radical Soul: When Standing Firm for Cherished Beliefs Goes Bad

While the term “radical” is thrown around loosely these days, standing for what you think is right might be wrong.

Are You Having Fun In Your Relationship?

The vagaries of life can teach us much. Steven Lake had a serious accident that brought a new level of fun into his life.

My Kids Have Left the Nest, but Has My Role as a Dad Changed?

Matt Sweetwood thought when his kids left home, his role would change. It turns out — not so much.

Pick Your Pain

It isn’t about doing what you love, it’s about what pain you are willing to endure.

Peeling Off Layers That Society Tattoos Upon Us

It’s time to call bull on the cultural programming that keeps us enslaved to external influences. It’s time to question taboo subjects for ourselves.