Have You Ever Been Lost In The Dance?

Ice Spiral

There is a rhythm, melody and harmony in every dance just waiting for your surrender.

Three Ways We Need to Rethink Time


The five-day work week is unnatural. And it is draining us. Tim Mousseau believes it is time we redefine time.

Why We Need to Quit Worrying About Fate


Is fate in charge, or are we? John Picciuto says it doesn’t matter.

The Time When We’ll Be Present & Content

happy man

We’re striving for happiness and contentment, but when will we be there?

It’s All About the Journey: Surviving Life’s Storms

lifes storms

Every man will come across events and situations that seem too hard to handle. With awareness, though, that can change.

12 Signs the Guy You Love Respects You


He treats your relationship like a team effort.

The Delightfully Short Guide to Reading More Books

joy of reading

Leo Babauta has some suggestions to help you get back to the enjoyment of reading books.

10 REAL Promises Every Guy Should Make To His Future Spouse


Sadly, marriage has lost much of its meaning in today’s society.

When Others Frustrate You


There’s a way of being that Leo Babauta is trying to cultivate in himself—to let go of wanting others to be a certain way.

Leave Yourself Wanting More

relaxing man

Let’s do less, and leave some in reserve. And enjoy the less that we do even more.

What is it About Freedom That Stirs a Man’s Heart and Soul?


Men find freedom in numerous ways. There really isn’t a one-size-fits-all definition.

5 Ways Focusing on My Needs Helped Me Find the Love of My Life


You attract what you give off, so chill out.

Only You Have the Power to Take Your Life Off Cruise Control

cruise control

If you desire a fulfilling and satisfying life then get the ball rolling. It’s all about the power you wield!

I Don’t Have All the Answers. But I Have a Few


The universe is full of two things: questions, and rubbish.

Erasing the Shame From Depression


Kristin Diversi takes an honest look at living with depression, and discusses a few tips on how to deal with it.

Why We Run #17: Reclaiming My Life


In our darkest moments of life, we all need something to bring us back to the light.