Everyone Deserves Love. But Are You Ready For It?


James M. Sama on why you need to get yourself ready for the greatest thing that’ll ever happen to you.

The Pros and Cons of Workaholism

Matt Rozsa Working

Being a workaholic has its advantages and disadvantages. Matt Rozsa takes a look at both.

Dating With Asperger’s

Dating With Aspergers by Matthew Rozsa

Dating with high-functioning autism isn’t easy, but it can be done.

When’s The Right Time To Stop Mid (Consensual) Sex? Any Time Your Partner Says “Stop”


Life is not like Temple of Doom. If she wants to get away you can’t crack your whip, reel her back, and expect her to be grateful.

The Ten Commandments of Weightlifting . . . and of Life


A guide for Life, Lifting, and the way of the bar.

To Those Who Are Struggling

Struggling person

There are no easy fixes, but Sami Jankins provides steps that can help you find balance in chaos.

Why “Pursue Your Passion” Is Bad Advice

business man walking

Nobody is born with a preexisting mission. You have a million options at your fingertips.

Somedays: Our Internal Struggle

Internal Struggle

A sweet, short look at our internal struggles and overcoming them for ourself and others.

An Epic Reminder to Do What You Love, Today


Life has its limits. It also has its timeless beauty in all things.

The Nightmare of Suicide — Six Things You Need to Know


Loss from suicide is a persistent grief. The good news is that you will survive the pain. Here are six things you need to know, from a man who lost his friend who also happens to be a cop.

Five Things I Was Desperate For My Son To Do Until He Actually Started Doing Them


Dad and Buried could not WAIT for his young son to be able to do certain things. Until he did them. Now we have a desperate dad wanting to turn back time.

I’m a Broken-Hearted Guy Who Writes About My Failed Marriage. Are You Entertained?


Serge Bielanko just wants complete strangers to tell him that he’ll be OK. Who doesn’t want that?

I May Be Crazy (But It Just May Be a Lunatic You’re Looking For)

bipolar - happy sad - GMP

Mike Kasdan says that mental health maladies like depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and autism reflect the diversity of our minds, and we should embrace them rather than stigmatize them.

Anti-Walmartization: Petite-Productivity


Leo Babauta believes slowing down and making less is one answer to personal and professional happiness.

How to Make the Most of the New Year

How to Make by DIVA007

Jeff Goins doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions. Here’s why.

If a Man Wants a Better Life He Must Write a Different Story


Identifying and understanding where old messages hinder a person’s progress in life is important. Joe Rutland believes that it is possible to change those messages, even if it takes time.