Cancel My Reservation Please … I’m Facing Eviction

eviction notice

A story of how one man finds himself on the brink of losing his home after many self-induced mistakes.

This is Your Problem: You’d Rather Be Comfortable Than In Love


What you already know could change your life… but it probably won’t, because you like being comfortable too much.

That Time When A Root Canal Taught Me About Life and Baseball

Root Canal

Throbbing tooth and heartache, I sat on the bench as my starting position was given away. It changed the way I valued baseball, and many years later, life.

Success is Waking Up Determined Every Day and Going to Sleep Satisfied


We all try to make ourselves and our lives better. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here’s how to approach each day with a vision of success.

Downsides of Minimalism


Warning: There are huge downsides to minimalism. You might even be forced to spend time outdoors!

The Summer I Became a Man


Losing everything broke him and taught him what’s truly important in life.

Practicing Non-Judgment

no judgment

What would it be like to drop all judging as good and bad? What would it be like to simply experience something, without judgment?

20 Things That are More Fun to do While Single


There are so many things that are fun to do while single. It really can be a field full of the greenest grass.

How to Beat Procrastination With Daily Training

habits and procrastination

Make it so easy you can’t say no, and find a way to not let yourself say no.

7 Reasons Relationships Haven’t Worked For You (Yet)


It’s difficult to plan a future with someone who doesn’t have any plans for their own future. This is what makes it so important to really get to know someone as well as their hopes, dreams, and ambitions, before you commit to them.

Inside The Prison Of My Mind


Shawn Henfling offers a glimpse into his mind in the midst of a depressive episode.

6 Parenting Lessons from Little League Baseball


It’s more than just a game and offers valuable life lessons.  — Little League baseball fields everywhere are buzzing with excitement. The smell of fresh cut grass on the ball field means spring has sprung. Baseball is such a metaphor for life. Is a bad break in the past keeping you from being the parent […]

The Power of Delay


Leo Babauta has found a great strategy to help you break unwanted habits. Delay.

We Both Had Cancer. He Died. I Lived.


A father-son story.

Five Essential Skills for a Life Well-Lived

A Life Well Lived

There are no do-overs so we may as well get the most out of this ride called life –here are five skills that may help you do just that… – – – As far as any of us know we only get one go-around in this thing called life. There are no do-overs once we […]

The Buddhist Bucket List

Buddhist Bucket List by Dieter Weinelt

Ty Phillips has 4 simple things he’d like to do before he leaves the earth. All are free and accessible to everyone.