These Guys are Happy…are You? [video]


Move over, Frozen. People might want to Let It Go, but this bunch is still Happy.

5 Steps To Find What You Love And Make It Your Career


What distinguishes world-class talent is not initial skill. It’s how much work you put in.

One Man’s Life-Long Love of the Allman Brother’s Band or How Music Saved My Life


Think music is just for listening purposes? Think again.

What Makes Batman, Batman?


Could you be Batman?

Rethinking Necessities


What’s really needed, beyond food, shelter, basic clothing, and loved ones?

You’re Here for a Reason


Realize that everyone will see you in a different light but the most important thing to take out of your relationships with others is how you allow that to drive your relationship with yourself.

12 Ways to Decompress after High Stress


A great list of ways to wind down after one of THOSE days.

The Best, Bravest Thing My Husband and I Ever Did


Sarah Kilch Gaffney’s husband had terminal cancer. They had a baby anyway.

Landscapes of Tears Men Cannot Cry


Have you ever seen a man cry? How often?

6 Ways Kids Are Wiser Than Adults When it Comes to Living Life Right


#3 Waste your time and enjoy doing so

Look On The Bright Side Of Life


It’s not all doom and gloom. There are some real solutions to some of the seemingly impossible and overwhelming problems of our day. Chris Hicke has a look.

Is Death The Greatest Loss?


David Pittman shares seven crucial things to consider when dealing with the loss of a life.

Clive James on Death, Dragons and Writing in the Home Stretch

clive james

How does coming face to face with the end change a writer’s work?

How I Am Rethinking Success and Happiness in Post-Grad Life


David Reitan suggests that not finding a job right out of college might not be the worst thing for a grad.

What Is the Graduation Speech You Would Give? Here’s Mine.

graduation joy photo by beverly and pack

“Make something,” by Bruce Ditman.



This weekend, we have the story of two couples, and what it takes to survive a marriage on top of all that life throws at us.