Silence Your Critics and Give Grace a Chance

forgiveness and grace

Give yourself a break when the inner voices become too much to handle. Joe Rutland talks about the power of redemption, forgiveness and grace.

3 Things I Learned While Building My Dream on the Side


He worked 12-hour days to make his dream a reality and learned this along the way. — Never give up on your dreams, but there are times when you need to make adjustments. Balance in life? What is that? For over four years, I worked 12 hour days, much of which was spent trying to […]

What It’s Like To Work A Suicide Hotline

Screen shot 2015-07-22 at 5.39.41 PM

Did you ever wonder what it’s like to work at a suicide hotline.

Are Masculinity and Femininity Mutually Exclusive? [Part 2]


Jonathan Delavan disputes the generally accepted concept that masculinity and femininity are mutually opposing natures.



Lois Roma-Deeley offers an enigmatic look at a husband and a wife who have lived lives “no one thought practical.”

We Are All Artists: Dilemmas of a Creative Life


You don’t know where the end will take you, but you do it anyways. It is your worship. Your calling. — I am a creative person. It is who I am. The creative urge engulfs me causing a knot in my chest, and only the act of creating untangles it.  Society admonishes those who are […]

8-Steps to Getting UNSTUCK in Life After Experiencing Unemployment

Screen shot 2015-07-11 at 11.47.37 PM

These are the lessons that I learned from my brother Ron after he committed suicide due to loss of employment.

Could You Be Just Two Steps Away from Happiness?


Are you feeling lost, numb or adrift? These two steps may help right the ship.

Can Exercise Improve More Than Just Physical Health?


This man says lessons learned from working out can be applied to each of our lives. — I am addicted. Not to vodka or Hold ‘em or Walter White’s blue stuff. I am addicted to nothing—doing nothing, thinking nothing, feeling nothing. Also, my life is not as miserable or pathetic as the previous paragraphs would […]

3 Steps to Getting Out From Under Life’s Boulders


You can overcome the difficult parts of life by answering these three questions.  — In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a king condemned to roll a boulder up a steep slope for all eternity. The gods designed this particular punishment because they knew that hard work without the hope of reward or accomplishment would be the […]

My Stained Glass Shirt


Sean Swaby finds out that stains can also bring us many good things.

Walking the Path of Bravery One Step at a Time

walking bravery

Sometimes, learning about the power within us as men arrives in the most wonderful ways.

The Most Important Reminder On My Phone


We all have the same 24 hours everyday. Prioritizing helps make each hour count.

Love & Debt Don’t Mix (And What You Can Do About It)


Despite not getting an inheritance or winning the lottery, they were able to pay off six-figure debt using these tips.  — As a writer interested in love and relationships, money woes are a well-established relationship killer. If you have large amounts of debt, you are not alone. From student loans to credit cards to unforeseen […]

19 Best Web Resources to Enhance Productivity


Get more done with these 19 resources from around the web that help you enhance productivity levels both at work and at home.

Don’t Get Buried Alive by Negativity: Staying Positive in a Dangerous World


Jed Diamond looks at alternatives to negativity when life throws the biggest curveballs.