5 Reasons Road Sex Rules!

under the stars

After traveling more than 30,000 miles in a van, and doing it in 17 different countries, they’ve found some solid reasons why sex on the road is the best!

Choosing The Right Path When Becoming a Dad


The balance between time and money is not easy to maintain, but this stay at home dad found a way.

6 Ways To Get Through A Breakup In The Age Of Social Media


Modern break-ups appear to be a lot more complicated than those of past generations. As if real life weren’t hard enough, nowadays we also have to add a digital breakup.

There is Nothing Medically Wrong With You

Nothing Medically Wrong camerakarrie:Flickr

Then why do I feel so lousy if there is nothing medically wrong with me?

7 Ways to Live a Happy Single Life

single guy in sweater

Not sure how to succeed in the single life? James Michael Sama has a few tips for you.

Life Changing Moment: Staring Down the Man in the Mirror

self-image, weight,

I studied my amorphous twenty-five year-old self and said, “Enough is enough.”

25 of the Most Incredible and Unique Parts of Yourself that you Should Never Change

boy-Ken Bosma-flickr

Change is great – it’s an unavoidable facet of life. To change is to make progress, to learn, to live, to continue being. However, not all change is for the better.

10 Things Young Fathers Should Say to Themselves and why it Matters

1Young Father Stock

Andre Dandridge, Founder of NewYoungFathers.com, gives advice to young men with new families.

A Smashing Lifestyle Overhaul. (Part 1)


This morning, clad only in a tight-fitting pair of boxer briefs, I stepped on the chilly glass of the digital scale in my bathroom. — As the numbers “172” began to flash, I pondered how this same exact scale read “222” only 24 months ago. I used to dread looking down to see the results […]

The Prevalence of Body Hate


James Fell is tired of “Fit Mom” Maria Kang and here’s why!

Justifying Vegetarianism: Challenging the View That Men and Meat Are Dietary Norms

Vegetarian Man photo by joshua heller

Peter Kirby-Harris wonders if women get questioned about their choice to be a vegetarian the way he gets questioned as a man.

What Can You Learn From a Rock Star Dad?


Eye Empire lead singer Donald Carpenter on the challenges of balancing work as a rock star with family.

How I Quit Chasing the American Dream

American Dream, rejecting materialism, living simply, sell everything you own, find yourself, American man

D. T. Brown didn’t quit owning things. He quit materialism.

I Am a Man and I Am Fat

Josh Magill at the beach with one of his children

Josh Magill is fat. He’ll tell you how he got fat and how he’s battling it.

Simplifying: Living With Less Can Leave Us With More

voluntary simplicity, very small houses, living with less, scaling down, lifestyle, The Good Life, work/life balance, Scott Behson

How a dot-com millionaire and a former missionary family have found greater riches in voluntary simplicity.


EKG, holter monitor, running, grief, fathers and sons, wrestling, sports, health, cardiovascular health, heart attack, mortality, medical, fear

James M. Chesbro runs from grief and mortality.