Here’s Why You Can’t Put Love in a Box

Love coach Bryan Reeves shows us how relationships fail when we box in our partners—and how love flows when we let them be free.

7 Reasons Fickle Parenting Will Ruin Your Kids’ Lives

Mike Berry explains why consistency is the secret sauce of parenting.

5 Things I Would NEVER Do … Even for Love

Even love has its limits.

Try These 5 Ways to Test Your Limits Every Day

You’ll never dislike yourself for failing, but, on your deathbed, you’ll hate yourself for not trying things.

My Husband is Dating the Babysitter and it’s Super Convenient

Jealousy and poly relationships … now that topic takes more than a blog post to address. To sum up: no, poly people aren’t magically inoculated against jealousy.

The Invisible Cynic

Cabot O’Callaghan is fed up with the lies perpetuated by mass culture and the media and ready for some real change.

Strong Boundaries Are Critical For Healthy Relationships. Can You Stand Up For Yourself?

Setting Boundaries is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Steven Lake explores how intimate relationships are strengthened by knowing where you end and the other begins.

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1 Huge Way We Limit Ourselves, and How to Break Out of It

Inspired by his eight-year-old son’s passion for ‘Mythbusters,’ Thomas Fiffer tackles a major way we hold ourselves back in life.