Word Origins Put You in the Catbird Seat

We use phrases everyday that most people don’t really understand. Take a few minutes to learn the interesting history behind these common terms.

Norwegians Using ‘Texas’ to Mean ‘Crazy’ Actually isn’t so Crazy

Europeans have long been fascinated with the American West, and a new linguistic phenomenon in Norway shows us why.

Elder or Eldering? A Contemporary Look at a Historical Archetype

Paddy Murray looks at the use of the term “elder” in indigenous cultures and questions our interpretations of what it means to age in modern society.

Black Privilege? Black Guilt? I Think I Have Them.

The greatest impediment to black people in 2014 is the idea that there is an authentic “black”-ness. Barack Obama would never be president if he believed that.

Hilarious Article On Fascinatingly Weird Fathers

Children are not science experiments, but nobody told these guys that.

LeVar Burton and Tim Wise On Racial Discrimination in Policing

Actor LeVar Burton and author Tim Wise explain the differences in their interactions with police.


When Meredith initially hears that her estranged father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she says nothing. When Eliot, a long-time friend of her father’s, calls and asks her to see him, she hangs up. But once she runs out of ways to say no, Mere agrees to visit, reasoning that he’ll soon lose all memory of their estrangement.

Pen or Pin or Peyn

We’ve all had the “let’s compare accents” conversation. Here’s the map that outlines every dialect in the continent.