If You Were a Dad Who Met Your Triplets for the First Time, You’d Roar With Pride Too.

The father’s name is Zawadi Mungu. At 500 pounds, he can pull a buffalo to the ground.

Roll of Toilet Paper Vs. Lion: A Body Language Tutorial

What lessons can we take from this video of a man taking on a lion with nothing more than a roll of toilet paper? Michael Amity has some thoughts.

Kiss Me, You Big Lion!

Kevin Richardson is a South African zoologist. He’s been away in the field to meet his friends. Big friends…errrr…big cats, obviously. Lions actually.

News: Sunday Morning Live Returns For Mothers’ Day with @hannibaltabu [@SundayMLive]

For all the women who bring life to the world, a great way to get caught up on what’s happening.

Computers: Mac OS X Lion Sleeps Tonight, Not Protecting Your Password

The once invulnerable platform is now much less secure than it once was …

Comics: Voltron: Year One Blazes Your Way In April [@DynamiteComics @mirandamercury]

A Black writer is giving the popular 80s property the Year One treatment in a new series from Dynamite.

Games: Defend the Universe with Downloadable Voltron Game

Soon you’ll be able to join four other lions to kick Robeast butt on the most popular gaming consoles.

A Meditation on Africa

‘I don’t know anything. I am finally still. I am far away in a distant land where nothing is the same. I am at peace. I don’t want to leave.’

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Software: Apple’s Lion Sleeps Tonight … On Securing Your Password

Apple’s latest operating system seems to have some … challenges on the security side.

The 10 at 10

Subway beats McDonald’s, tiger beats lion, and Fenville wins one for Wes.