Lions Gate Entertainment’s Blunder is Disney’s Bounty

Why do some Hollywood studios insist systemically on racism and discrimination when inclusion, diversity and multiculturalism are more profitable?

Why Having an Opinion Isn’t the Same as Thinking

Does the sheep really care that the lion doesn’t care about his opinion, and other challenges you’ve probably never considered.

If You Were a Dad Who Met Your Triplets for the First Time, You’d Roar With Pride Too.

The father’s name is Zawadi Mungu. At 500 pounds, he can pull a buffalo to the ground.

Roll of Toilet Paper Vs. Lion: A Body Language Tutorial

What lessons can we take from this video of a man taking on a lion with nothing more than a roll of toilet paper? Michael Amity has some thoughts.

Kiss Me, You Big Lion!

Kevin Richardson is a South African zoologist. He’s been away in the field to meet his friends. Big friends…errrr…big cats, obviously. Lions actually.

News: Sunday Morning Live Returns For Mothers’ Day with @hannibaltabu [@SundayMLive]

For all the women who bring life to the world, a great way to get caught up on what’s happening.

Computers: Mac OS X Lion Sleeps Tonight, Not Protecting Your Password

The once invulnerable platform is now much less secure than it once was …

Comics: Voltron: Year One Blazes Your Way In April [@DynamiteComics @mirandamercury]

A Black writer is giving the popular 80s property the Year One treatment in a new series from Dynamite.

Games: Defend the Universe with Downloadable Voltron Game

Soon you’ll be able to join four other lions to kick Robeast butt on the most popular gaming consoles.

A Meditation on Africa

‘I don’t know anything. I am finally still. I am far away in a distant land where nothing is the same. I am at peace. I don’t want to leave.’

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Software: Apple’s Lion Sleeps Tonight … On Securing Your Password

Apple’s latest operating system seems to have some … challenges on the security side.

The 10 at 10

Subway beats McDonald’s, tiger beats lion, and Fenville wins one for Wes.