The Best Gift a Man Can Give: Taste Lithuania

One man discovers the mysteries of his soul can be drawn out through the food of his ancestors.

Decency Amounted to Naïveté: An Interview with Leland Cheuk on The Misadventures of Sulliver Pong

Plagued by bad luck or circumstances, Leland Cheuk’s The Misadventures of Sulliver Pong, is tiered historical satire. As a father and son battle for power, Cheuk exposes truths Chinese-American immigrants faced in a transitory culture.

We’re Doomed…a Day of Facebook ‘Facts’

After a day of drinking in Facebook posts and memes, I resisted engaging in trash talk. Doesn’t that count for something?

The Story of My Vasectomy, a Snarky Jingle and Tom Waits

Post-vasectomy haze, I floated, heard myself say: “Do you like Tom Waits? Answer ‘No’ and you’ll go to hell where five strangers will cut your genitals.”

A Guy Like Me Isn’t Supposed to Learn This

We fear education because it transforms our identities.

5 Annoying Things Male Teachers Hear

Teaching is still considered to require or reward qualities we consider inherently feminine.

Nobody In My Life That Cares About My Future

Some young people of the underclasses are so courageous that they don’t even know it.

I Had To Kill A Guy At Work Yesterday

A student explains why he can’t take the midterm tonight.

Separation As A Test Of Love

We learn a lot about how we feel for a wife and children when we have to spend a chunk of time away.

DOMA Goes Down

A reason to celebrate.

What Dads Really Want For Father’s Day

Fourteen dads make a wish list for Father’s Day that ranges from the fantastic to the absurd. Sadly, no one wants a necktie.

A Father’s Day Fantasy

This is only a dream, only an awesome dream.

The Butt of the Marriage Joke

Why do some married women find it acceptable to poke fun at their husbands in public?

“Finding the Moon in Sugar” Book Review

In an all-American tale, Gint Aras takes a gritty look at change, love, life, and who and what we are.