The Smartest Thing You Can Say

These three simple words may be scary to share, but they are crucial to your own growth and communication.

7 Ways Your Love Can Last Forever

All lovers have their hard times, but after 30 years we know what it takes to survive.

The Man Who Learned to Listen—A Daughter Remembers

Her dad was the one who learned to listen, whose kindness won out over any forgotten faults. Yvonne Spence remembers her father and a lifetime of learning. — Two years ago today, my father died. I’ve heard that it takes two years to get over the death of someone you love, but I’ve also heard […]

How to Be the Kind of Man You Wish You Were Friends With

Because it will help you learn emotional intimacy, avoid social isolation, and deepen the relationships you already have.

The Most Powerful Way to Know What Your Woman Wants

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How To Help Your Partner Heal Their Emotional Wounds

Jordan Gray says that helping your partner heal their pain starts with you being willing to face your own demons.

Are You Engaging Your Listeners or Alienating Them?

Are people shutting down when you try to make your point? The problem isn’t them.

5 Things Extroverts Can Learn From Introverts

Introverts are known to be very good listeners. Unlike extroverts, who like to talk about everything, introverts prefer to observe and speak only when they have something constructive to add to the conversation.

How (And Why) To Become A Fabulous Listener

Whether at work or at home, listening is the key skill you need to improve your relationships. ___ Listening is a bit like intelligence—most everyone thinks they’re above average, even though that’s impossible. And listening is a skill you want to be great at. A recent study conducted at George Washington University showed that listening […]

How Dads Can Leverage the Better Half of Communication: Listening!

Josh Misner, Author of the Dadly Way shares a key component to successful fatherhood: the power of listening!

Eye Rolling And Stonewalling Will Kill Your Marriage

What’s in a look? The end of your marriage–that’s what.

How to Build an Awesome Relationship in Three Steps

Building a relationship that survives the rough times doesn’t have to be a mystery.  — Humans crave relationship. It nourishes us. We degenerate in its absence. If we want a great relationship, we have to build it. Just like we build our homes. Strong relationships can be built easier if there’s agreement on the things […]

The Art Of Conversation

Conversation is about stories, and treating those stories as the precious gifts they are.

4 Ways Men Can Become Better Listeners

While tuning out a lot of the “outside noise,” what would it take to hear others more clearly?

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Joe Peacock lost it all. It was good friends and good music that brought him back.

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Patrick Sallee looks at where we need to improve ourselves if we want to make a difference.