It’s Easy, If You Try

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Jeremy Ashton offers some simple tips on how to lose your partner.

7 Things Men Should Not Take With Them Into The New Year

New Years photo by Sean MacEntee

Showtime thinks it’s the perfect time to walk away from thing habits and behaviors that did not served us well in 2013.

20 Things I Have Learned From Marriage So Far

wedding photos-Katsunojiri-Flickr

From the need to get enough sleep to recognizing his own insecurities, Vaughan Granier shares 20 lessons he has learned from his marriage so far.

10 Reasons I Only Read Articles That Are Lists

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Celebrating the dawn of a new literary art form. Or not.

16 Things You Need To Stop Being Afraid Of

hang gliding

James Fell offers a list of hard-learned lessons about life, bravery, and morality.

11 Things Your Teen Won’t Regret in 11 Years

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Adults are constantly warning teens about what they’ll regret. Here, 11 things they probably won’t.

15 Surprisingly Practical Things I’ve Learned from My Kid

kids, children, future, writing, chalk,

Children are full of knowledge, and Tom Burns has learned some lessons.

5 Nerdy Sidekicks Who Are Hotter Than Their Hero Best Friends

Egon Spangler, Ghostbusters

Their days of riding in the sidecar are over. Or maybe not, because sidecars are pretty great.

Surviving College

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Nick Jurczak gives some tips on getting the most out of college.

15 Things Every Man Should Have – Not According to Tom Ford

books nightstand

Tom Ford famously made a list of 15 things every man should have… Warren Sandefur and two friends decided to make their own list of masculine necessities.

20 Things I Learned in My 20s


I was going to do 20 mistakes I made in my 20s but realized I couldn’t quite narrow down that list.

Is Your Man Afraid of Commitment? Here Are 7 Reasons Why


Showtime admits to having been a guy who’s afraid of commitment, and he wants to offer some insight to women who may be confused about the men in their lives.

The Whole Point of Every Relationship (Is Probably Not What You Think It Is)


Natasha Blank is not an expert on relationships, but she’s had a bunch, and here are a few things she’s learned from them.

How To Talk To Your Son About His Body

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Eating disorders are on the rise in teenage boys, and parents need to rethink how we talk to our boys about their bodies. Anne Theriault offers 24 helpful ideas.

10 Reasons You Should Keep Your Relationship Hot


Zach Rosenberg’s ten favorite benefits of having a sexy marriage.

10 Basic Rules of Dressing Up For Young Men


Want to dress well but don’t know where to start? Here’s some step-by-step advice for guys on how to dress for success without being too flashy or blasé.