Flying Solo

Pat Brothwell learns to do things by himself. And realizes that himself alone is not such bad company after all.

You Never Know: Alone with Sandy

Sean Carney knows how to dress for emergencies.

“In fact, I live with multiple ghosts.”

This comment was by Luis Garrido on the post Can Men Live Alone?

“Man, I Need a Good Cuddle” by GMP founder in NYT

Can people live alone without being lonely? Given that more people are choosing to live solo, are our needs changing?

All the Lone People

The Black and Blue Man reflects on people who live and die alone—and wonders how long it would take for someone to find him if that happened to him.

Guestpost #29: Naomi Achus – Ten things I’ve learned from living alone in a 6 bedroom house

Naomi is one of my closest friends, a brilliant political genius, and somebody I have insanely hilarious conversations with. She lives in Edmonton, but she should live in Toronto with her equally incredible sister Ruth. Her and her sister are bombshells who make men fall in love with them wherever they go. I know I […]