3 Tips for Practicing Meditation in the Office

3 Tips for by Joe Shlabotnik

We all know work can be stressful. Lodro Rinzler offers three simple ways to meditate during the workday.

The Buddha Walks Into the Office: Be Who You Want to Be

The Buddha Walks by neonow

Lodro Rinzler has a new take on the question every kid is asked: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Don’t Take a D**k Pic, Because I Will See It


If you’re on the fence about sending one? Don’t.

Spider Man is Dead and No One is Talking About It


Lodro Rinzler reflects on the death of Spider Man and what it might mean for those who follow heroes.

Transforming the Space Between Inner Change and Social Change


Lodro Rinzler on turning the will to do good work into actual good work.

The Solitary Drink

Man sits alone at bar in daytime

Is it OK to drink alone? One man attempts to break the habitual routine.

A Buddhist Take on Love, Sex, and Compassion


What’s the Buddhist view concerning one-night stands? Lodro Rinzler explains that and more.