Foreign Affairs

Sex and terrorism inform a trilogy of novels two decades in the making.

Based on the BIS in WWII, Behemoth Banks will Never be too Big to Fail or Jail

A past financial crisis that could predict how banks of today prevail.

One in Every Four London School Students Exposed to Illegal Air Pollution Levels

Our major global cities are having some serious negative impacts on our children’s health.

The London Fog that Literally Kills

When pollution kills, what can you do?

The Unfortunate Rape and Preventable Suicide of Milo Arthur

Male victims of rape and sexual abuse matter and should be supported.

Soldiers Surprisingly Resilient to PTSD after Iraq and Afghanistan

Studies show that troops in the UK have become more resilient to PTSD

Gary Oldman Does An Amazing Old Englishman Cover Of Pitbull And Ke$ha’s ‘Timber’ (Video)

Gary Oldman gave us comedy gold on London radio. Watch and laugh.

He Has Been on a Quest to Find the Person Who Saved him from Committing Suicide in 2008. He’s Just Found Him.

Diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder six years ago, he thought he’d never be able to be happy again. He stood up on Waterloo Bridge in London, ready to jump.

Halfway Home?

Ten years ago, David Packman wrote a very short autobiographical story. Discovering it a decade later was like glimpsing himself through a way-back machine.

Where Are The Warriors Of The West? Wisdom From The Rainforest.

An Amazon Indian speaks to us about manhood, home and what we men could be doing to protect our tribes.

FIFA World Cup And Rainforest Plants: An Amazon Indian In London Speaks To Us; Part 1

London is a city rich in history and filled with ghosts.

On the Streets of London, Amongst the Homeless, One Young Man Takes Action [Video]

The email came in this morning with the subject line: “The most powerful and inspiring video I’ve seen in a long time.”

Role Models: Creating a Generation of Confidence

Alex Holmes received the support and guidance needed to push him forward into a future he could have well deemed as unimaginable. He would like to do the same for other black men.

Returning Home

Where is home? Shaky Shergill writes on the place he’d always dreamed about and the home he’s already found.

Wimp: A Show in the Making About What Makes a Man

Wimp will be a very physical performance that explores and celebrates all sides of a man, especially the more taboo characters that live within us all. Appropriateness is over-rated.

Just Pedal, No Push

A Rockies encounter with an old traveler inspires Pat O’Connor to take a life-altering journey.