How My 91 Year Old Relative Showed Me The Secret To A Powerful Relationship

photo by javier cito

Graham Phoenix explores the difference between loneliness and aloneness, and discovers how dependency can destroy a relationship.

Dear Artists: We Need You Now More Than Ever

dear artist

The world is getting more confusing. Eric Shapiro reminds us why we need you.

Learning to Foxtrot


In this touching, relatable poem, Jessica Server offers some sympathy to those boys whose “deep phobia of dancing” keeps them from getting close to the women they pine after.

100 Words on Love: Late Night Conversation


“I’m happy. I love myself. Life is good.”

Sonnet at the End of Eating


Jeff Oaks evokes the late-night loneliness of television in a dark room, and the sense that something has been lost.

Men of the West: It’s Time For Us to Hold Our Ground

men of the west

Just being a man puts you out higher risk for suicide. Graham Scott thinks it’s time we changed that.

The Lonely Male: Struggling to Find Connection through Masculine Armor

lonely man photo by Gumez

Richard Nicastro reminds us that men can feel lonely–even when sitting right next to their partners or spouses.

Why I’ve Given Up Hooking Up

obligatory selfies

Tired of being driven by an addiction driven by doubt and insecurity, Lester Brathwaite is giving up hooking up.

How It Is Going to End


Seth Pennington presents a bold poem about masturbation and loneliness within a relationship.

The Butcher


While this piece from Dwight Gray can be seen as a love poem (of a sort), it’s so much more than that. It’s a meditation on uncertainty and aging, perseverance and emptiness, the ill-defined “edges” of the “marriage bed.”

Words Men Don’t Say

Lonely Man

Paul R. Davis conveys the loneliness that many men face when they have been raised to avoid communication.

A Teen Guy Asks, “When Will I Feel Love?”

When Will I Feel Love

Noel Lobo wants someone to connect with him, understand him and care for him.

11 Ways to get the Girl of your Dreams Even if You’re a Loser

Loser By Flickr.Jane

James Altucher shares his method for how to win at love when you’ve got nothing

The Question Is…. Could You Fall in Love With a Computer Program?


If it’s possible to fall in love with someone by communicating with them whenever we wish, can we find similar solace in a collection of zeros and ones that recreate the experience to the point that no one could tell the difference?

Zombie Holiday


In this installment of Matt Salesses’s “Love, Recorded:” loneliness, recorded.

6 Quick & Easy Mindfulness Tips To Combat Holiday Stress


Dr. Emma Seppala offers some guidance on how and when to lean into mindfulness during the holiday season.