Alone, Not Lonely: 5 Reasons I’d Rather Know Me Than Get To Know You


Being alone is actually quite empowering to the structure of the self.

Spring Without Robin

Spring Without Robin by Hot Gossip Italia

Cabot O’Callaghan ponders how Robin Williams’s suicide affected him and explores his own relationship with depression.

Boot Camp–1967


Brady Peterson captures the sexual frustration of the deployed man while at the same time tapping into a deeper kind of loneliness.

How to Welcome Loneliness During The Holidays

how to welcome loneliness photo by joe jukes

The holidays are a time when we are expected to be social and connected—which is exactly what can make it such a lonely experience. Bryan Reeves has learned to welcome the loneliness.

How Being Too Independent Has Kept You Single

Man and Woman Couple Laughing In Romantic Embrace On Beach

Jordan Gray says that, as much as we often try to resist it, leaning on others is healthy.

My Marriage Ended And My God, The Loneliness Is Nearly Killing Me


In the end, we’re always kind of alone, aren’t we? Serge Bielanko tells his story.

“Don’t let extraverts dictate normality. Alone does not need fixing”


Leave Me Alone, I’m Not Lonely

“I’d like to thank my wife, she’s the only one who’d have me”


East Come, Easy Go: Why Men Should Stop Settling For Less Than They Deserve

How To Teach a Man or a Boy


Among the most harmful things we do to men and boys is leave them to their own devices.

Big Guy


Pepper Trail steps inside the mind of a man made lonely by appetite.

The Lonely Male: Struggling to Find Connection through Masculine Armor

lonely man photo by Gumez

Richard Nicastro reminds us that men can feel lonely–even when sitting right next to their partners or spouses.

Words Men Don’t Say

Lonely Man

Paul R. Davis conveys the loneliness that many men face when they have been raised to avoid communication.

From a Husband to a Wife…Thank You.

lonely man

It’s crazy that some things take so long to be discovered…

The Drill Instructor and the Lonely Boy: A Powerful Video

boot, camp, soldier, marine, drill instructor, video, jenny jones, show, powerful, emotional

There is a lot to be said for discipline, and even more for positive male role models. This video has both.

“We’re Expecting More of Technology and Less of Each Other”—The Innovation of Loneliness

innovation of loneliness

John Brier believes that “social networking doesn’t necessarily make us feel worse, but it can. Understanding how it can can teach us to behave so it doesn’t”.

“Why do men take it as a personal judgment when they’re turned down? We’re ALL dealing with this.”

The word no made from jigsaw puzzle pieces

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