Fred Lebow: On Greatness

The Good Men Project’s On Greatness brings you the most inspiring quotes and related imagery from the world of sports.

On Greatness: Steve Prefontaine

“You have to wonder at times what you’re doing out there. Over the years, I’ve given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to this.”

Dean Karnazes: On Greatness

The Good Men Project’s On Greatness will be bringing you the most inspiring quotes and imagery from the world of Sports.

Portrait of a Runner

A little film about focus and reason.

Low Temperatures, High Motivations

How do you train to race when it’s too cold to even step outside? Max White talks about what it’s like to run in New England winters.

Without Limits

On the eve of the Boston Marathon, Jesse Kornbluth remembers the great American runner, Steve Prefontaine, and the movie about his life and career.

Natural Born Runner

Of all the members of his close knit Ukrainian family, Jeff Swain most uncannily resembles his Uncle Albie, who was also a runner.

The Circle of Life

The Beatles, The Bible, and the Sanskrit word for bliss: Jeff Swain explains how by following our bliss, we find our purpose.

When Sportsmanship Beats Competition

Winning isn’t everything. Sometimes it isn’t even the right thing.

Why We Run

Long-distance runner Jeff Swain loses himself in the Allegheny Forest.

Am I Less Than a Man?

Do you have to look the part to be a “real man”? Turner Wright questions his body type.

Up Shit Creek

Chuck Ross knows what it’s like to be in over your head.