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Tina Cane’s poem considers a male construction of femininity.

Gay Men Are Losing Our Pizazz, and It’s a Problem… or Something?

San Francisco, setting of the HBO show "Looking".

Adam Hunt responds to an Esquire article complaining that the gays on a new HBO show are not “fun” enough. In other words, good-bye stereotypes.

A Simple Guide for Looking at Women on the Street: Glancing Vs. Staring

woman walking

I don’t hold eye contact, I don’t look for more than a second and I don’t let my gaze linger. I do all these things out of respect for one simple fact.

So, I Looked at Her


If you admit to staring at a beautiful woman…

Dear John: My Neighbor Is A Pervert


Dear John addresses a guy next door watching porn, a girlfriend posing nude for art school, and a passive-aggressive neighbor.