Looking For The Perfect Woman? Or Man? Well, Just Stop It.

There are people out there who will just get you and just accept you, just the way that you are. Sometimes you don’t need fixing, you need accepting.

The Daily Beast

Tina Cane’s poem considers a male construction of femininity.

Gay Men Are Losing Our Pizazz, and It’s a Problem… or Something?

Adam Hunt responds to an Esquire article complaining that the gays on a new HBO show are not “fun” enough. In other words, good-bye stereotypes.

A Simple Guide for Looking at Women on the Street: Glancing Vs. Staring

I don’t hold eye contact, I don’t look for more than a second and I don’t let my gaze linger. I do all these things out of respect for one simple fact.

So, I Looked at Her

If you admit to staring at a beautiful woman…

Dear John: My Neighbor Is A Pervert

Dear John addresses a guy next door watching porn, a girlfriend posing nude for art school, and a passive-aggressive neighbor.