Could Time be a Man’s Most Valuable Resource?

When it comes to money and ROI, what are you doing with the time given to you?

‘Star Wars,’ Women & Diversity—Is Hollywood Giving Us What We Want?

Shawn Henfling explores the diversity in our favorite films. Is this what we want, or just what Hollywood thinks we want?

‘Shadow of Mordor’ Walks in the Shadow of No Other Game

Adam Workman reviews the newest game by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and finds ‘Lord of the Rings’ brought to life.

‘The Quest’ Breaking New Ground in Reality TV

Go Medieval with The Lord of The Rings meets The Amazing Race on ABC — Are you looking for something different in Reality TV? Well, here it is! What happens when you get the makers of The Amazing Race, The Lord of the Rings’, and The Blair Witch Project together? You get “fantasy-reality.” Variety calls […]

Two Grown Men Face Off With Children’s Toys In A Thrilling Battle For Playground Supremacy (Video)

I’d love to see what would happen if you gave a bunch of 8-year-olds $50 million and told them to make a movie. It probably wouldn’t make much sense, but it would definitely involve dinosaurs, lasers and explosions.

The Power of Men’s Love

Andrew Smiler argues that men’s love is incredibly powerful and that American culture can’t deal.

My Father Never Returned Library Books: A Father’s Day Reading Remembrance

Tom Burns’ dad loved libraries and he loved to read. However, he didn’t like giving libraries their books back. This is his story.

Awesome Sesame Street Video: Lord of the Crumbs

When Sesame Street met Lord of the Rings a wonderful thing happened. They got crumbs everywhere.

What Takes Root

When Ged Naughton gardens with his father, they grow more than food for the table.

Lord of the Rings Meets Les Misérables When Gollum Sings “I Dreamed A Dream” (Video)

The nerdy video you never knew you wanted, complete with “dreamses” and “precious”.

This is Your Face on the One Ring of Power and Other PSAs for Middle Earth [Photos]

Whether you want instructions on how to properly dispose of your ring of power or information on Hobbit diabetes, these PSAs are here to the rescue.

Air New Zealand’s Hobbit Inspired Air Safety Video

Peter Jackson has made a Hobbit inspired air safety video that you’ll actually watch all of. And you won’t even be on the plane.

Let’s Assume I’m a Virgin

Being a 23 year old man and still a virgin seems to require an explanation.

Leaving Mundania: Growing Up Gamer

In this moving excerpt from her new book, Lizzie Stark brings us the story of two boys growing up in the world of role-playing games.

My First Kentucky Derby: The Infield

Jamie Reidy reminisces on his blurry, yet memorable first trip to the Kentucky Derby.

Books: An Epilogue

CJ Kaplan explains how some of his greatest love affairs have been with books.