Ten Questions About FATHERHOOD with Shawn Green

Shawn Green, record-holding former MLB player, is now a dad who is happy to talk about fatherhood and how his life has changed.

11 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for MLB Fans

To mark baseball’s return, Fran Berkman at The Daily Dot offers the 11 Twitter accounts fans everywhere should be following.

3 Ways Baseball Fans Aren’t As Manly As They Used To Be

Justin Zackal explores the evolution in the behavior of baseball fans. . . some of it good, some of it bad, all of it driven by the market.

Carl Crawford Leads Off

The Los Angeles Dodger began the 2014 season on paternity leave, making use of MLB’s forward-thinking policy. Scott Behson sees this as yet another reason to celebrate the beginning of a new baseball season.

Boston Strong

As a life-long Yankees fan, Neil Cohen has to tip his hat to the Red Sox, who, in the wake of April’s terror attacks on Boston, are forging a feel-good, worst-to-first season.

91-Year-Old Usher at Dodger Stadium, Ira Hawkins Worked til End, Always Had a Story to Tell

Ira Hawkins held the same job for 55 years, and still didn’t want to leave.

Matt Kemp Gives Young Fan the Shirt Off His Back

When he thought no one was paying attention, he made Joshua Jones’ day.

What Your Child Wears Is Important — And I’m Not Talking About Pink

Tom Brechlin wants to give a persona public service announcement to parents no matter what city they live in.

Kobe Claus is Coming to Town

Yeah, maybe Sandy Koufax didn’t pitch on Yom Kippur, but everyone works holidays now. Why shouldn’t the NBA?

Open Thread: What’s Keeping You from Volunteering?

Open Thread: What’s Keeping You from Volunteering?

Root, Root, Root! MLB Stars Hit A Homerun at Habitat for Humanity Site

Jamie Reidy shares a story about Dodgers Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw’s getting their hands dirty for Habitat for Humanity.

Barry Bonds Did Something Good

If a friend of the media made this gesture, it would be bigger news.

Wear an Away Jersey to a Baseball Game and You’ll End Up in a Coma

John Steigerwald is a moron.

All-Steroids Team: Eric Gagne

After Eric Gagne was released in spring training last year, he took the last career option he had: closer for our All-Steroids team.

All-Steroids Team: Jay Gibbons

Jay Gibbons, an admitted steroid user, is making a clean comeback with the Dodgers. Let’s reflect on his enhanced period with the Orioles.

All-Steroids Team: Todd Hundley

What happens when when you suddenly have two career seasons and then immediately fade back into oblivion? You make the All-Steroids team.