The Daniel Crespo Killing: Self-Defense or a Case of Gender Bias?

A man is dead after fighting with his wife, and David Pisarra asks some uncomfortable questions.

Why You Should Care About the Drugs Your Doctor Prescribes

For most of us, evaluating a doctor’s prescribing habits is just about impossible. Even doctors themselves have little way of knowing whether their drug choices fall in line with those of their peers.

Soldier Walks 13 Miles in Full Gear to Honor Fallen Comrade

Sergent Hille explained, “We have to do our best to continue to remember the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice for what we have the privilege of doing in this country.”

Gang of Eight Set to File ‘Sweeping Immigration Plan’

The new legislation requires a secure border with Mexico before the other provisions of the bill, including the citizenship proposals, would go into effect.

Senate Votes to Allow Debate on Gun Control Bill

The bipartisan gun control bill passed its first hurdle, but the fight is just beginning.

Bernard Hopkins Maintains Title as Oldest Boxing Champion

After a unanimous-decision victory on Saturday, Bernard Hopkins is still the oldest boxing champion on record.

Actor Jack Klugman Dies at Age 90

Although few will remember, Jack Klugman was a strong advocate for critical health-care legislation.

Turning Trash Into Music

Favio Chavez is on a mission to turn trash into music and help create a brighter future for the children of Paraguay.

California Judge Apologizes For Rape Statements

It took almost 5 years, but a California Judge has finally been taken to task for his statements on rape.

DreamWorks Co-founder Creates Medical School Scholarship Fund

Kathryn DeHoyos explains how one philanthropist is making dreams come true, 33 med students at a time.

Val Kilmer as Mark Twain Will Crush Your Mindgrapes

Val Kilmer’s portrayal of Mark Twain is uncanny. Maybe even more so than his Jim Morrison.

Returning National Guard Veterans Struggle to Find Jobs

Despite discrimination against military service in hiring, returning National Guard members face unemployment rates of up to 20%.

Hypnotist Requested in Army Killing Spree Trial

Lawyers for Sgt John Russell, who killed 5 people in a Combat Stress Clinic are requesting a hypnotist and brain imaging expert for his trial.

Should City Land Be Used for Religious Displays? One City Says ‘No’

A 60 year-old LA tradition of seaside nativity scenes in Santa Monica will not be held this year.

Proof of Harm – The Boy Scouts’ ‘Perversion Files’

The Wisconsin doctor who admitted abusing Scouts gave up his medical license, but the Scouts knew he was dangerous all along.

Remembering Russell Means, American Indian Rights Activist

Remembering activist and actor Russell Means, famous for protests such as the occupation of Wounded Knee and urinating on Mount Rushmore.