Unbelievably Bad Comics: Sweet, Sweet Victory

Ever wonder what your friends really want to do when their team wins?

The 3 Types Of ‘Thirsty’ Men Online

Ladies. Social media has unleashed a new strain of loser. The “thirsty” man. Here’s how to spot him.

“You’d be accused of misogyny for suggesting that men don’t need women.”

This is a comment by wellokaythen on the Comment of the Day: “I wondered why rejection never triggers the self doubt in my female friends as it does my male friends.”

Bastards Invited

John Taylor raises both hands and admits that he is a contender for Tool of the Year.

Breadwinning Wife Defends ‘Slower Pace’ Men

Professor, author, and breadwinning wife Andrea Doucet is startled by the portrayal of men in Hanna Rosin’s recent Slate story.