Crying Makes a Man Feel Whole

crying, manhood, emotions, emotionality, authenticity, vulnerability

Tears of joy, disappointment, love, or loss–all add texture to man’s being.

Saying Goodbye: Why it’s Okay to Leave Some People in the Past

leave behind

Yael Kaufman on handling the loss of relationships

What Losing My Father At Age 21 Taught Me About Life


Call both of your parents, have a conversation with them and tell them you love them. Do this, because one day you won’t be able to do so and then you just might regret it.

Father Walks 11-Year-Old Daughter Down the Aisle Since He Knows He Won’t be There for Her Wedding


Knowing that Jim Zetz was dying of pancreatic cancer, photographer Lindsey Villatoro decided to help the dad and daughter duo stage some of the important life moments that she knew the two would miss.

Sonnet at the End of Eating


Jeff Oaks evokes the late-night loneliness of television in a dark room, and the sense that something has been lost.

Rediscovering “With”

laughing men together

Mark Boles took time this past Christmas to visit relatives in Italy. What he found there was more than family—he discovered a reintroduction to the feeling of “with.”

Life Lessons For Men From The Classical Composers


Classical music, as much as any other form, is about struggle, pain, and expression. Brian Shea talks about what that means to him.

What You Learn When Teaching For America

Teach for America, teacher, teaching, students, apples, teacher blessing ring, school,

Teach for America corp member, Martin Byrne, discovers his true potential with the help of 40 Cleveland students.

How Do You Begin To Eulogize Your Father?

Michael and his father, Michael Sr.

It is not enough to say that he was a good man, or even a great man. My father’s love is the blueprint by which I love. By Michael Strange.

Touch – Part 3

touch 3 photo ARNue

We never know to what, where, or whom an event will lead us.

Going Public: Xe Sands Reads an Open Letter to a Lost Girlfriend

xe sands going

Of all the things to find on Craigslist, Xe Sands found this letter from a grieving boyfriend.

Condolences To Mr. Muñoz, From One Dad to Another

Photo of Marlise Muñoz and family via Facebook

Alex Yarde sends his condolences to the husband and father who has experienced too much loss in the last few weeks, after his wife’s body was kept on life support despite the family’s request to let her pass away.

The Last Bottled Soda Vending Machine East of the Missouri

Gas Station

Jim Cihlar presents us with a highly imagistic look at a moment in time, gently evoking loss.

Fun Dads, Loss, and ‘Saving Mr. Banks’


Like Mary Poppins’ creator, writer Kip Robisch lost his ‘fun dad’ early.

And Then I See Him Laughing—A Father’s Message Against Fear


So, forget about loss. The bleak conjuring of crushed bicycles or the cold loss of alienation. Whatever is coming is coming.

How to Stand Back Up After Life Knocks You Down

Falling Down photo by vincepal

Tamara Star learned the hard way that ‘the dark night of the soul’ is really a time of transformation. Here’s how she saw her way through.