A Letter to the First Man in My Life

Louise Thayer lost her father at 16, but she remembers his music—and his love.

Chimney Swifts

Seldom does one see a coming-of-age story as stark and as inventive as Marc Frazier’s award-winning poem.

Letter to My Daughter

Joy Ladin captures both a parent’s love and a sense of deep loss in this villanelle.

I am an Only Child

Experiencing loss as only a mother and son could.

Bringing Back the Dead: A Look at the Early Days of Science and Medicine

Every modern medical practice was new at one point, including resuscitating victims of drowning.

Spat, with Birdseed

A husband comes to terms with an ending relationship in Lynn Marie Houston’s poem.

The Sandwich Stage: In the Middle of Life, In Between Love, In the Midst of Loss

Divorced dad, Bill Douglas, shares about life in the midst of navigating both challenge and loss. He taps into a little super power to get him through. He shares that with us here.

What Happens When a Mom Texts Her Dead Son — and Gets a Text Back

Taylor Thyfault was hit and killed during a high-speed chase in May 2015. Since then, his mother has been texting his old phone as a way to deal with her grief. She never expected a text back.

I Know You Love Me — Now Let Me Die

Afraid of “giving up” and not “fighting hard enough” we can become oblivious to true acts of love.

Explore the Descent of a Lifelong Romance

Rich Monetti reviews the movie 45 Years in all it’s twists and turns.

7 Reasons Why Blair Walsh is an Unsung Hero Every Man Could Emulate

Failure can be a chance to display character and set a good example for men of any age.

When Does the Pain of Losing Someone Subside?

Losing someone dear is painful. Yet it is possible to find a piece of what has been lost and begin to heal.

Pyro, a Man’s Painful Memory

When being together brings back memories too painful to bear.

Not All is Lost: A Letter of Gratitude and Remembrance

Warren Blumenfeld writes a letter to his Polish Great-Grandparents and reflects on his journey of being Jewish and gay.

He Was My Shadow: Saying Goodbye to a Family Pet

Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when all you want is to hear them say it’s okay.

Missing Something You Never Had

The plans you made with them are now avoidable memories you’ll never experience.