4 Pieces of Relationship Advice You Should Ignore

ignore this relationship advice

If you want to find lasting love, ignore these clichés.

The Day a Dad First Met His Son and Made Him Real…Forever


This is an excerpt from the Sean O’Donnell book Which One of You is the Mother? It is about the day that the son Sean imagined became real, never to leave his dad’s life again.

I Didn’t Marry the Love of My Life or My Best Friend

I Didn't Marry by kenji ross

Mike Berry admits he wasn’t even deeply in love with his wife when they tied the knot. But things have changed since then.

No Question: 12 Things You Never Have to Ask the Man Who Loves You


When we find the person we believe may be the one, some questions should never have to be asked.

This Kid’s Game Will Build Intimacy AND Improve Your Sex Life​

guy with laptop

A long-distance relationship they thought was doomed turned into a game that keeps their marriage juicy nine years later.

Have You Seen My Goat?

have you seen my goat

All we need is one spark of eye contact and in the moment of taking a breath, a relationship can blossom and die.

Love Will Find You: Jason and Mindy


In this Loveumentary podcast, Nate Bagley sits down with a couple to talk love at first sight and what makes a real, happy marriage work.

Love at First Sight


Love can blast off at first. Dr. Bill Cloke tells us how to hold on.

Ladies: How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams And Fall In Love


A grizzled, Gen-X writer gives some valuable ‘love advice’ to The GMP’s female readers.

I’m Sorry, But I Love You

male narcissists, low self esteem, pick up artists, dating

Andy Bodle goes for a gorgeous girl with low self esteem, and finds himself mysteriously outclassed by everyone.

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Ignore the Movies: ‘Romantic’ Gestures Are Creepy


Contrary to what the movies say, women don’t want romance—at least not straight away.