What Makes Couples Successful: 5 Ways to Thrive in a Healthy Relationship


How do you make a relationship thrive? Lizzy Tran gives us 5 new ways to be successful in your love.

We Used to Be Newlyweds … (Sigh)

We Used to Be by John Carleton

Angela Keck knows that magical “just married” feeling is gone for good. But she and her husband have found something better.

Why You Need to Know Your Own Soul Before You Look for a Soulmate

need to know yourself

When you’ve spent enough time alone, you know who you are and who you’ll never be. You’re free to enter a relationship without the danger of losing yourself.

What it Feels Like to Date Someone You Know You’re Not Going to Marry

dating someone you arent going to marry

Dating someone you know isn’t right for you is honestly a waste.

6 Reasons the Right Person For You Should Always Make You Nervous


When we find someone who always manages to make us nervous, it’s a clear sign we find keeping him or her around extremely important.

Mining Literature to Break Through to Our Dreams

Crushing 4 obstacles by frau-Vogel

A young writer finds gold in the prologue to “The Alchemist.”

Why Following ‘The Rules’ Will Set You Up for Relationship Failure


Rebecca Schuh considers if following the ‘Rules’ will ruin a relationship instead of making it better.

Why The Woman You Love Should Want You, Not Need You

woman who wants you not needs you

You’re much better off finding a partner who is capable of saving herself.

Living Life: Just Breathe


When we breathe in, we are breathing in the laughter, tears, victories, passions, thoughts, memories, existence, and the joys of life.

Lightening Our Children’s Karma

meditating boy

Practical ways to help our children with their baggage.

3 Reasons Why It’s Okay That You’re Vulnerable When it Comes to Love


Risk taking, in the most positive sense, can bring us new beginnings, great adventures and provide memories that will last us a few lifetimes over.

11 Little, Unobvious Things That Let You Know You’re Absolutely In Love


There are clues all around you, but you may not see them just yet.

How Getting Cheated On [Twice] Ruined the Romantic in Me

cheated on twice

I’m counting on time to pull me out of this. Right now, that’s all I can do.

How 6 Months of Tinder Left Me Longing for Real-Life Relationships

6 months of tinder

From the ugly to the beautiful, the scantily clad to the overdressed.

Why You Don’t Need to Get Married to Prove You Truly Love Someone

cake topper

Proving you love someone isn’t a one-time act — it’s something you need to prove over and over, every day.

Don’t Stress: 46 Things A Man Will Never Notice on A First Date


Prepping for a first date just got a whole lot easier.