What No One Teaches Us About Love


Most of us, if we are really honest with ourselves, have some idea of how we keep deeper love at bay.

I Don’t Want My Relationship to be Perfect, I Want it to be Worth it


The only type of individual who’s worth spending your life with is the type who’s willing to create perfection with you, knowing that you’ll both beautifully fail.

It’s Better When They Stay: A One-Night Stand Will End Exactly As You Thought


Caitlin Jill Anders asks the “what if” questions for the morning after the one-night stand.

6 Ways to Let Go of Someone You Never Thought You’d Say Goodbye To

letting go

Letting go of someone who meant so much to you, who changed the person you are in a drastic way, is incredibly difficult — there’s no way of sugarcoating it; it sucks. Letting that person go, however, is possible.

It’s Not You, And It’s Not Me: The Real Reason Relationships Fail


Some relationships must come to an end, but they should be a learning experience nonetheless.

How My In-Between Partner Led Me To Realize What I Deserve

in between

I now know that when I decide to be with someone again, I want to be with someone who makes me feel the way he does. I now know I can feel deeper than I’ve ever felt before.

The Aftermath: Why Coping is the Most Important Step in a Breakup


You can’t be good to someone else unless you are good to yourself first.

How the Definition of Romance Changes as You Mature


Real romance isn’t sold at a flower shop or ordered from an over-priced menu.

10 Ways to Help Your Relationship Survive the Pressure of the Holidays

holiday love

The goal is to approach the holidays as a team, without driving yourself crazy in the process.

The One Who Got Away is Really the Best Thing You Never Had

pass you by

You deserve somebody who doesn’t pass you by

Idea Vs. Reality: How to Tell if You’re Really in Love

in love1

When we love someone, it is so easy for us to ignore what is missing and hold on to what is there or what could be there.

5 Ways a Woman’s Taste in Men Differs From What Men Believe


Not everyone is on the prowl for Brad Pitt.

Why the More You Look, the Less You Attract the Person You Want


When you believe your life couldn’t be fuller, you will meet someone who fills the spaces you didn’t realize were missing.

Why You Should Fall In Love With Someone You Barely Even Know

in love

How awesome would it be if you could be in love all the time?

5 Reasons Why Going Back to Toxic Relationships is Never Worth It


There is nothing wrong with being a goodhearted person. There is something wrong, however, with being walked all over by someone who doesn’t deserve your goodness.

Attraction to Masculine and Feminine Faces May be Less Evolution, More Urban Jungle


How humans choose a mate is often put down to evolutionary theory. But when you look further than Western groups, it doesn’t look so simple.