Why My Husband & I Don’t Fight

husband and wife

Bettina Goodwin discusses her marital foundation—how her and her husband are able to cultivate constant harmony with one another.

It Takes Two: How to Support Your Wife When Trying to Conceive

pregnant-mahalie stackpole-flickr

It isn’t just about getting the timing right. It’s about deepening your commitment, making big changes to your lifestyle for those you love, and letting your relationship’s past nurture its future.

What I Should’ve Known Before Marriage

dishes-attila malarik-flickr

Clint Edwards has a message for his younger self concerning the realities of married life.

Father Walks 11-Year-Old Daughter Down the Aisle Since He Knows He Won’t be There for Her Wedding


Knowing that Jim Zetz was dying of pancreatic cancer, photographer Lindsey Villatoro decided to help the dad and daughter duo stage some of the important life moments that she knew the two would miss.

The Empathy Test


Empathy is a human superpower.

First Gay Wedding to Take Place in UK this Weekend

Marriage Equality, gender neutral, marriage

One of the first couples to be married will be John Coffey and Bernardo Marti. The wedding will take place in the Mayfair Library in Westminster, London, at midnight.

True Love: Dads and Mini Vans

True Love: Dads and Mini Vans

Ben Liebing thinks back to his childhood, to the moments where his father happily put his family first, and sees each moment as an expression of love

Confessions From A Lesbian: Why I Used to Hate Men

regina cates hate article2

Regina Cates once hated men for good reasons, but here is why they are now her closest friends in the world. I used to hate men. Maybe that is the stereotypical view men have about gay women, that we’re men haters, diesel dykes, and frustrated spinsters. But my reasons for starting out life hating men were valid.

The Three Secrets to Happiness


Lifestyle guru Leo Babauta shares with us his three secrets to happiness

7 Addictions in Disguise

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I never thought of myself as an addict before because I don’t have an unaccountable need for anything. Or so I thought…

5 Secrets To Make People Like You

group friends

Harris O’Malley insists that it’s easier than you think to become one of those guys who can meet and comfortably chat up new people.

What Story Are You Telling Yourself About Love?

What Story Are You Telling Yourself About Love

If you’ve been afraid to date or unhappy with your love life, ask yourself, “What story have I been telling myself?”

The Modern Day Father is an Engaged Father

daddy gets kisses- Jenniferschwalm-flickr

Having an engaged father is something Mandy Brasher didn’t grow up with so she is thrilled to see it becoming the rule instead of the exception.

It’s Easy, If You Try

go away

Jeremy Ashton offers some simple tips on how to lose your partner.

Coming Home. A Moving Tribute to the Moments When Soldiers Return to their Loved Ones

coming home

Dare you not to cry.

Baptism and New Beginnings


Seminary graduate N.C. Harrison reflects on the emotions engendered by his god-daughter’s recent baptism.