How Getting Cheated On [Twice] Ruined the Romantic in Me

cheated on twice

I’m counting on time to pull me out of this. Right now, that’s all I can do.

How 6 Months of Tinder Left Me Longing for Real-Life Relationships

6 months of tinder

From the ugly to the beautiful, the scantily clad to the overdressed.

Why You Don’t Need to Get Married to Prove You Truly Love Someone

cake topper

Proving you love someone isn’t a one-time act — it’s something you need to prove over and over, every day.

Don’t Stress: 46 Things A Man Will Never Notice on A First Date


Prepping for a first date just got a whole lot easier.

Why Complicated Women are Hard to Love, but Worth It

complicated women

She will make you work for her love — and that’s the only thing that really keeps a relationship together.

It Just Works: 19 Signs You Are in a Happy and Healthy Relationship

happy healthy couple

You’re just as comfortable being silent as you are talking.

The Online Language of Love

in the rain

Searching for the other half of “two kids who forgot to grow up. Dancing in the rain, singing in the snow, cuddling by the fire.”

Broken Just Like Me?

cracked heart

There is a value in having been broken. Come explore that with us.

9 Reasons You Need to Stop Trying to Change Someone


More likely than not, you want to change them for the wrong reasons — selfish reasons.

10 Struggles You Endure as a Hopeless Romantic in the Hook-Up Culture

hopeless romantic

You question whether or not you are the problem.

The Agony of Breaking the Heart of Someone You Used to Love

breaking the heart of the one you love

No one walks away from a breakup unscathed. No one walks away without bruises and scars.

7 Signs You and Your Partner Have Made it Past the Honeymoon Phase

honeymoon phase

Their quirks have become endearing.

6 Things You Realize and Regret When You Let That Someone Special Go

oh love

Only once you understand how good you once had it will you understand how bad you have it now, and only then will you be capable of turning your life around and turning it in the right direction.

A Successful Relationship Looks More Like 60/60 Than 50/50 Effort


Relationships, just like anything else important in life, require maximum effort.

9 Things a Guy Can Do For a Girl That are More Intimate Than Sex


True intimacy relies on knowledge — on knowing people just as well, if not better, than they know themselves. It’s not difficult for men to become more intimate with their women.

4 Reasons Why We Want That One Person That We Can’t Have

cant have

Why is it that when we can’t have someone, we want the person so much more?