The Addictive Pleasure of Being Right

The satisfaction of saying ‘I told you so’ can damage your relationship.

An Open Letter to My Husband

Thank you for loving me.

Comment of the Day: ‘I need to look at how I talk to my husband’

It is easy to pass our frustrations and fears onto others and takes work to break that way of thinking.

Is a Man’s Value Really Less if His Wife Outearns Him?

Time to invent a new value proposition.

Disabled and Dating

Communication in any relationship is the key to finding love.

How Defining a Relationship for My Only Son Helped Me Clarify My Own Relationship Fears

As a mother, what kind of relationship do I want for my son and would there be a time or place when I would stand in the way of his relationship?

3 Traits Women Want In A Man (That You’re Already Capable Of or Doing)

Men have always wondered about the most complex (and simplest) thing in the world: what does she really want–and need–in me?

17 Lessons I’ve Learned From 17 Years of Marriage

Mike Berry has learned a few things about how to make a marriage happy.

Her Husband Won’t Friend Her on Facebook, and She Doesn’t Know Why

She justs want to show off her husband and be more than ‘Mom and Dad’ online. He says no.

5 First Date Questions You Should NEVER Ask

Asking the wrong first date questions can lead to a dating disaster. That’s why you shouldn’t ask these 5 questions on a first date… — First dates can be confusing, scary, and sometimes boring. Or they can be fun and exciting, especially if you’re armed with some good open-ended questions (and the right potential partner). Even if the person […]

How Has the Word ‘Love’ Changed Now That You’re a Father? Let’s Ask Dad

In our “Let’s Ask Dad” video series, these men consider the new meanings of love—and all its incarnations and depths— now that they’re fathers.

The Difficulty and the Gift I Carry Toward Death

I don’t always like the way you do things or how you treat me, and I want us to talk with candor about our feelings.

Love Bites: 6 Steps To Avoid Hurting Our Partners When Fighting

The reptilian brain makes communication challenging when emotionally stressed. Kyle Benson shows us how to work with this beast.

Your Deaf Kids and the Dinner Table

For hearing parents of deaf children, who have not learned to sign.

What We Have Here is an Epic Parenting Fail

It really is this simple. Prejudice has to be taught; it is not an inherent condition.

Emotional Unavailability: A Digital Age Pandemic

“It’s not you, it’s me.”