My Wife Is My Best Friend, Why Am I Not Hers?


Cody Mullins on friendship, family, and love.

If It’s Hard & It’s Work, It’s Not LOVE


Without love there is no flavor or meaning. Give into it and accept it with an open heart and you both will thrive.

How to Get Everything You Want from Casual Sex (without Hurting People)

Good Men Project, Robin Juliet, Casual Sex, Sex, NSA, Sexual Satisfaction

Robin Juliet explains how to have a healthy and honest NSA relationship without guilt or heartbreak

A Brief Intimacy


“As we lay on his mattress, the cool summer air from his window slipping across our naked skin, he told me about the first girl he’d ever loved.” By Karissa Chen

“I believe connected-by-the-heart intimate sex can be wonderful; but other types of sex can be good, even wonderful, too.”


This is a comment by W.R.R. on the post “Heart and Balls”.

“If modern porn is what is serving as erotic education, we are missing the mark in a big way.”


Some who grew up in homes where sex was taboo or who are sky about expressing their sexual preference and desires publicly will turn to porn as an educational tool they can get to straight from their computers. Julie argues that porn is doing a poor job of actually educating people, though.

STDs and Men’s Sexual Health: 2/12


The STD Project and The Good Life are sparking a conversation on male sexual health in the 21st century.

The Unabashed Tourist Talks With a Skee-Ball Proprietor: Poems by Catherine Pierce

photo by benimoto

Our eyes are full / of glitter and guile, our mouths spin / voodoo, I am gorgeous with my cigarette, / you’re a gangster with your sazerac

How to Use an Umbrella


Josh Bowman is spending the next couple of weeks offering tips on how to do basic activities (you’re welcome). Today: using an umbrella. Ella. Ella. Eh. Eh. Eh.

“If Ann Romney was inclusive, she would have also said: ‘We’re the ex-wives, baby mommas, the lovers on the side.'”


This is a comment by wellokaythen on the post “Ann Romney’s GOP Speech — Caregiving and Parenting as Woman’s Work”.

Love of the Imagined


Tom Fiffer’s perspectives on the children in his life range from immersion to the hypothetical.

Eating Sushi at Stoplights


Caring for his mother through treatment for a brain tumor, David Olimpio finds odd comforts in a city he used to call home.

“Guys turn off porn because you can’t hold a video after you’re done.”


These are comments by pwlsax and Mark Greene on the post “Why I Hate Porn: One Man’s View”.

“The bottom line is: follow the grooming style that you believe to beautiful.”


This is a comment by Christopher on the post “Keep the Rug: an Appreciation of Male Body Hair”.

The Exquisite Lover: Part Three


Jackie Summers with part three of his “Exquisite Lover” series. This time, he talks about intimacy and artistry.

The Exquisite Lover, Part Two


Jackie Summers on technique: “Technique is noticed most markedly in the case of those who have not mastered it.” ~ Leon Trotsky