A Letter To My Boyfriend’s Homophobic Family


A young man sounds off on the hurt a family has caused to the man he loves. It was a gift worth returning: the “gift” of conditional love. Here is what he has to say to them.

Goodness Concealed in the Ordinary

concleaed love

The story of how an adoptee became the center-piece of our everyday life.

Bill Cosby and the New Meaning of Integrity

Bill Cosby by Ted Eytan

Matthew Rozsa meditates on the downfall of Cosby and the rise of the new integrity.

Why You Should Never Judge A Woman Only By Her Appearance


It’s usually harder for younger men to look past a woman’s looks. But, it happens. Here, a young writer schools his Gen-Y brethren.

The Price of a Salute Among Leaders of Men

salute, Armed Forces, Army, office, leadership

What have you done, today, to earn the loyalty of those who follow you?

10 More Ways to Love Your Life (Second Installment)

Jackson Bliss, 10 Ways to Love Your Life, 10 More Ways to Love Your Life, Relationships Advice, Happiness, Good Men Project, Love, Being in Love

Love and happiness are a choice. Jackson Bliss explores 10 more ways to have more of both

10 Reasons to REALLY Date a Crossfitter

Ashley Palmer on the real reasons you might want to date someone who does Crossfit.


Clevelan Browns photo by Erik Daniel Drost

Nate Owens decided he would become a Cleveland Browns fan just like his dad. Talk about a way for a man to get his heart broken.

“How Can I Improve My Relationship With My Boyfriend’s Family?”


My boyfriend’s family was so close to his former fiancée. Will they ever accept me?

What My Dog Taught Me About Friendship


After former child actor Trevor Eyster became homeless, he learned the true meaning of friendship from a puppy called Jake.

“My views on men, masculinity, and gender issues have morphed and dare I say matured.”


This is a comment by KKZ on the post “This Much I Know To Be True”.

Death by Confirmation


In this Catholic rite of passage, becoming a man permanently alters a boy’s relationship to his father.

Ten Things I Love About My Wife

photo (24)

Okay guys, here’s my list. What’s yours?

Helping Guys Understand Relationships without Watching “Chick Flicks”: Advice for Parents


Parents can help prepare boys for all kinds of relationships by examining those in the sports world.

The Business of Loyalty


Loyalty starts with shared values, writes Ken Goldstein. And the place where an individual and a corporation can align those values is the place where both will succeed.

An Education in Inequality


What Tim Brown has learned from the Penn State scandal about institutional racism.