Star Wars Just Nuked Its Entire Expanded Universe

How will the new Star Wars movie fit into the pre-existing Expanded Universe? It won’t. Gavia Baker-Whitelaw explains.

Escapism: The Komplicated Relationship Between #StarWars and Disney [@hannibaltabu]

On a day when the nation’s eyes were focused on a storm battered east coast, a single headline snatched the attention of genre fans, financial analysts, entertainment industry pundits and children everywhere.

Daddy Issues With Darth Vader

In the hilarious world envisioned by cartoonist Jeffrey Brown, Darth Vader has custody of little Luke. Yes, that’s correct, Darth Vader as a father, and all that entails. One of the quirkiest and funniest books to come along in a long time, Savas Abadsidis talked to Jeff about the book, fatherhood and his favorite Father’s Day Memory.

Gaming: First Game Play Footage From Gun-Toting “Underworld” Game Star Wars 1313

A bounty hunter delves into the shadowy lower levels of the planet wide city Coruscant in the new game from LucasArts.