17 Steps To Becoming a Hero


Should we teach boys that they can be heroes? Should we teach them that they can change the world by themselves?

Eastbound and Down: Another Middle-Aged White Guy Breaks Bad


The return of the middle-aged white man crisis.

Darkness on the Edge of Town


Depression and PTSD may always be on the edges of your heart, but it’s how you deal with it that counts.

Emperor Palpatine Was An Idiot


Alex Yarde wonders, what if the Galactic Empire didn’t invest the time and resources to build those Death Stars?

Why ‘Star Wars’ Still Matters


Scott Brady discusses German philosophy regarding the nature of morality—and how it all relates to Star Wars, of course.

What If My Son Doesn’t Like Star Wars?


Neil Sheppard explains to his wife that there’s more to Star Wars than light saber duels.

Your Destiny Lies With Me, Skywalker

Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars helps helicopter father teach his son that fitting in is a battle of oneself

Luke and Leia Had Sex


And I can prove it.

Why Forgiving Others Makes Life Better For You

Photo by JD Hancock/Flickr

Marc Oromaner believes that the strongest men are those who have the strength to forgive someone who did them wrong.

Why Disney Characters and Superheroes Are Usually Orphans


Marc Oromaner explores why our childhood heroes had to lose their parents before achieving glory, and why we must do the same as grown men.

Movies: Star Wars and The Avengers Are Basically The Same Idea

Just skip ahead to the end. That settles the whole score.

Teenage Dating in a ‘Twilight’-‘Hunger Games’ World


The effects of romantic role models in young adult fiction color whole generations’ ideas of who they want to be and to love.

Humor: Star Wars Archenemies

Sometimes … things just balance themselves out.

Opinion: The Commentary Track for the March 8th Buy Pile, Issue #28 [@cbr] “Happy Anniversary!”

An analysis of elements from Hannibal Tabu’s reviews column on Comic Book Resources.

Books: A New Sith Instructional Manual Emerges from Lucasfilm [#starwars]

Finally, the secrets of the Sith have been revealed in a gorgeous new package, in time for Kwanzaa!