Consider the Pipe

Despite American’s cultural condemnation of smoking, pipes have retained their cultural panache free of scrutiny.

You Need Less Than You Think

It’s amazing what our culture has done to us: we have been conditioned to believe that luxuries are a necessity, that we need things that most of the world doesn’t even dream of having.

In Need of a Fully Equipped Car? This Hilarious Ad May Convince You

French carmaker Citroën’s last advertisement movie. Très drôle!

How to Build an Empire

A powerful poem from Jessica Server on the wages of imperialism, many of which we’re still encountering in the “post-colonial” world.

“Now that’s a luxury. Getting to pretend racism doesn’t exist.”

This comment is by i’mjustsayin on the post The Luxury of Invisible Privilege

Food Is Love

From Grandma’s chicken and dumplings to a dish best served cold, Greg White recalls the meals most strongly associated with the people he has loved most.

Is Meat Necessary?

Meat is expensive and ethically controversial. Is there a technological solution?

Yankee Stadium, Behind Tinted Glass

Three average fans got an unexpected taste of luxury at Yankee Stadium. Was it all it’s cracked up to be?

Technology: Only The Latest In Opulence for Men in Black

Will Smith doesn’t rough it on set, chilling in a $9,000 a month trailer that’s better than most people’s homes.

Cars: The Lamborghini Aventador Is Sex On Four Wheels

If you’re lucky enough to sit down in the Italian automaker’s new flagship sports car, you’ll appreciate just what Lamborghini can bring to the table in the 21st century.