You Might Be an ADHD Parent If…

From one parent with ADHD to all the others… 14 hilarious signs that you are easily distracted.

Why the UCSB Shooter Has A Lot of Women Freaked Out

Lynn Beisner explains why many women are flipping out over the misogynous UCSB Shooter.

Does Christian ‘Purity Culture’ Set The Bar Too High For Men?

Lynn Beisner looks at the ways in which Christianity’s obsession with “purity” may be harming men as well as women.

100 Words on Love: More Like Tony Soprano Than Mother Teresa

I never could have known that loving my children would be more like stone cold ruthlessness.

“Do you want to be “right,” or happy in fulfilling relationships?”

This comment by Lynn Beisner on the post Is Ultra-Conservative Media Stealing Our Nation’s Grandparents?

Is Ultra-Conservative Media Stealing Our Nation’s Grandparents?

Lynn Beisner thought her father-in-law was experiencing dementia… Then she realized that it was just a case of too much Right Wing extremism.

On Stephen King, Abuse Survivors, and Why Apologies Matter

Lynn Beisner accepts Stephen King’s apology for using the word “bitchery” in regards to Dylan Farrow’s claims of abuse by Woody Allen.

Dear Stephen King: Please Don’t Call Dylan Farrow’s Abuse Story ‘Bitchery’

Lynn Beisner, a huge Stephen King fan, asks the famous author to consider apologizing for calling Dylan Farrow’s description of her alleged abuse “bitchery”.

Who Wears the Pants in the Family?

Are the men who “wear the pants in the family” really just wearing the emperor’s new clothes?

I Was Never In Love With You

Lynn Beisner examines evidence of a pattern of behavior in unhappy marriages that is almost never discussed

Thank You For Crying

Lynn Beisner has always felt that grief isolated her from the world. But when Lynn and Pete’s beloved dog died suddenly, she found herself able to cry beside her husband.

Are Victims Obligated to Tell Their Stories a Certain Way?

Lynn Beisner, herself a survivor of sexual assault, examines Richard Dawkins’ assertion that the so-called “light pedophilia” he experienced as a child didn’t harm him, and looks at the angry responses from some victim advocates.

I Was Asking My Wife for a Vow of Celibacy

Pete Beisner’s lack of a sex drive almost cost him his marriage, but he couldn’t let his wife go without doing everything he could to win her back.

I’m In Love With This Manly Man

Lynn Beisner’s husband fearlessly carries her purse, helps her daughter shop for prom dresses and enjoys being the passenger in his wife’s car.

What Chaucer Can Teach Us About ‘The War On Men’

Lynn Biesner insists that the much-needed men’s revolution will first require a re-imagining of our social structure.

Mitt Romney, Affirmative Action, and Binders Full of… What?

Is Mitt Romney actually a proponent of Affirmative Action? Do Romney’s ‘Binders Full of Women’ actually help make gender a non-issue in hiring?