The Bachelorette’s Catalogue of Masculinity: Which Guy Are You?

A “modge-podge” of guys and 26 versions of masculinity— why aren’t you watching?

The Attraction of Violence

Why can fighting and machismo transfix even a cultured and sensitive man?

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Meet Colombia’s “new men” confronting machismo and gender violence.

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5 Things I Learned About Manhood From The Internet

Life is too short. It’s fleeting. Spend it doing stuff that matters with people that matter. That’s probably the best and only advice on manhood you’ll ever need.

We Need Men, Not Machismo

Maybe you think you’re going to get a strong man when you ask for “macho,” but that word doesn’t mean what you think it means.

2 Ways We Need to Redefine Masculinity in American Foreign Policy

American foreign policy has long been governed by ideas of masculinity. Now it’s time to evaluate what that has meant for our nation – and how we should redefine “masculinity” in the future.

How to Feel Like a Man

Some boys grow up and never quite feel like men. The Art of Manliness says you feel like a man when you start acting like one and offers some manly advice on how to begin.

Dear Young Men: I Wish Someone Had Told Me These Things

David Cain eventually learned that being a man isn’t what he was taught. Now he wants to spare young men the suffering he endured and forge a new concept of manhood.

In Case You Were Wondering

Justin Hamm’s speaker confronts an insecurity common to many men and women.

My Feet and I

J.M. Perkins wants to tell you a story about his feet, machismo, and becoming a Dad. 

7 Reasons Why She Likes the New Man

Coral Herrera Gomez describes the new man and says why she loves him. — I like new men. They fascinate me. I’ve known they exist since I wrote my PhD thesis. I discovered them on their blogs and I follow them today like a groupie. Actually my dad was a new man. My mother worked in a […]

This 60-lb Taco Will Kill Everyone at Your Sportsball Party

Jarad Dewing might be confused as to WHY you’re throwing a party next weekend, but it’s a party, so he’ll try to help.

Questioning “Masculinity”

With a past that has been marked by an exclusionist definition of what it is to be a man; Christian Clifton thinks it is time to rethink an outdated set of ideas.

Queer Kiss for a Straight Guy

What does it mean when Dr. Steven Lake is straight but one of the best kisses he’s ever received came from a guy?

Playing With Knives and Letters: An Interview With Jason Sheehan

Jarad Dewing asks some questions, piratical author and former chef Jason Sheehan dishes up the answers.