The New Macho

The New Macho

Boysen Hodgson believes “the new macho” can be defined in a way that benefits and serves everyone on the planet.

In Case You Were Wondering

Man and Woman

Justin Hamm’s speaker confronts an insecurity common to many men and women.

Taking on “That’s So Gay!”


When “that’s so gay” becomes a teachable moment for mom

That Time I Fought Over a Parking Spot


Dillan DiGiovanni regrets that he fought with a guy over a parking spot.

For Crying Out Loud, Can We Please Stop Calling Them Highly Sensitive Men?


Mark Greene asks, how is it that empathic men have been collectively tagged as “easily hurt” or “delicately aware?” Who made that decision?

How I Wish Locker Room Conversations Would Go

Changing the Way We Define Manly

Changing the way we define manly. By Oluwatosin Awofeso.

A Caballero’s Manifesto: Understanding a Modern Gentleman


Eduardo Garcia calls for a cultural and social revolution of manhood.

Call for Submissions: Male Stereotypes


Does the stereotypical man exist?

How Macho Culture Sets Men Up to Fail

macho-by Cuito Cuanavale-Flickr

Macho Men? How about Caballeros, instead. Eduardo Garcia wants us to re-think the process of manning up.

Why I’d Never Get Caught Dead Not Wearing a Shirt

In a shirtless culture, I'll be the guy with the shirt on.

Man Shman: “Men are allowed to freely expose their torsos, but I can’t just show mine to anyone.”

What Is a “Macho” Man?


The word “macho” stirs up all kinds of emotions, but what does it truly mean?

“I attended a homophobic, hyper-masculine all-male high school, and I listened to a lot of punk and hardcore as an outlet for my feelings there.”


This is a comment by Evin Carty on the post “Is Music the Last Sanctioned Outlet for Men to Express Their Emotions?”

What Makes a Man…a Man?


The blokes at MensStylePower give some serious thought to an important question.

“A boy should be able to dress like a ice dancer OR a NASCAR driver if he wants to.”


This is a comment by Tom B. on the post “Buying Boys’ Underwear For My Daughter”. Tom writes about the strict dichotomy of how clothing is marketed to young girl and boys and how it contributes to gender stereotypes from an early age.

I Don’t Want To Be Seen As Weak


Manning-up is not just for men any more.

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America Has a Macho Problem

photo by muscle dominator flickr

Andrew Cotto wonders why we are so enthralled by the “tough is good” male stereotype.