3 Simple Tricks That Will Make a Man More Romantic While Keeping His Macho Image

Being emotional and being a man don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Comment of the Day: ‘Many men feel uncomfortable redefining masculinity because we feel like our manhood is under assault.’

This comment was by Bill on the post “Why ‘Manning Up’ is the Worst Thing You Can Do” by Mark Greene.

Reclaim the Word Macho: Get Rid of the Toxic, Keep the Pride

The word “Macho” means “proud of being a man”. Kathryn Hogan discusses how manhood is something to be genuinely proud of, and that can make men all the more loveable.

I Tick Every Macho Box. How Could I Be Gay?

A rugby player found himself confronting more than one stereotype in his own mind as he struggles with coming out.

The Modern Macho—Part 1: On Men, Masculinity, and Retaking the Word

If there’s one word every little boy knows, and feels deep in his bones, it’s ‘hero.’ But how can today’s modern men be the heroes of their own lives?

The New Macho

Boysen Hodgson believes “the new macho” can be defined in a way that benefits and serves everyone on the planet.

In Case You Were Wondering

Justin Hamm’s speaker confronts an insecurity common to many men and women.

Taking on “That’s So Gay!”

When “that’s so gay” becomes a teachable moment for mom

That Time I Fought Over a Parking Spot

Dillan DiGiovanni regrets that he fought with a guy over a parking spot.

For Crying Out Loud, Can We Please Stop Calling Them Highly Sensitive Men?

Mark Greene asks, how is it that empathic men have been collectively tagged as “easily hurt” or “delicately aware?” Who made that decision?

How I Wish Locker Room Conversations Would Go

Changing the way we define manly. By Oluwatosin Awofeso.

A Caballero’s Manifesto: Understanding a Modern Gentleman

Eduardo Garcia calls for a cultural and social revolution of manhood.

Call for Submissions: Male Stereotypes

Does the stereotypical man exist?

How Macho Culture Sets Men Up to Fail

Macho Men? How about Caballeros, instead. Eduardo Garcia wants us to re-think the process of manning up.

Why I’d Never Get Caught Dead Not Wearing a Shirt

Man Shman: “Men are allowed to freely expose their torsos, but I can’t just show mine to anyone.”

What Is a “Macho” Man?

The word “macho” stirs up all kinds of emotions, but what does it truly mean?