What Was Your Most Memorable Work Holiday Party?


Mine isn’t a tale of reckless debauchery, but it was one of the rare occasions where my nominal gifts actually managed to impress people rather than alienate them. Hopefully yours are a lot less boring.

The Legacy of Al Feldstein


The recently-departed editor reshaped the 20th century from behind the scenes.

25 Ways to Answer a Stupid Question

kickstart matrix

Mike Crider visits a museum and channels Al Jaffee while he’s there.

It’s a MAD Era of Humor, Satire, Stupidity and Stupidity

60 Years of MAD Magazine

Iconic magazine still relevant as it makes fun of itself and sixty years of pop culture

The Douche Journals


From the people who brought you ‘Family Guy’ and ‘New Girl’: two volumes of jokes for the john.