Don’t Apologize for Wanting to Embrace Bromance and Intimacy


Long-term, meaningful relationships with other men are a strong endorsement of manhood.

Outside of the Fantasy — Authenticity is Hot, Bad to the Bone is Not

don draper

Women will forgive you for not being as “bad boy sexy” as fantasy characters. They will reject you for not being yourself.

Can Ya Dig It? ‘Shaft’ Meets ‘Mad Men’ in This Brilliant Blaxploitation Mashup

Can Ya Dig It by Leroy and Clarkson

Imagine Richard Roundtree playing Don Draper, and you’ve got “Don-O-Mite,” a rad mad ad man who explodes stereotypes for breakfast.

The Engaged Diaries: When I Knew I Wanted to Marry Her

knew marriage

Himay Zepeda on recognizing the moment when…

A Guy’s Take on Why People Hate ‘Girls’


Why so much vitriol for Lena Dunham’s HBO series? Pat Brothwell thinks he gets it.

You Can’t Buy Manhood in a Bottle

Christopher Moltisanti imperioli_1800

Thomas Pluck looks at how the state of our liqueur advertising mirrors the state of our manhood.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Bromance

Three surfing boys walking into the water.

Male friendship is great. We shouldn`t need to be `brave` to love our brothers.

The Mad Men Guide to Dating

Mad Men dating photo by x1brett

What can you learn from Mr. Draper and the rest of the male cast when it comes to dating in modern times? (no not the outdated sexist come-ons.)

What About the Boys?

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 4.24.37 PM

Abigail Rine has a mission: Let’s empower our children, especially our boys, to speak out. And let’s listen when they do.

The Big Babies of Mad Men, Episode 12

Kenny Cosgrove buckshot, Mad Men Episode 12 Season 6, JD Schraffrenberger, Good Men Project

Don Draper is in the fetal position, Ted Chaough is blinded by love, and the agency is divided: JD Schraffenberger dives into Mad Men, Season 6, Episode 12.

The Zen of Don Draper’s Frown

Jon Hamm, Mad Men, Don Draper

Jon Hamm’s compassionate sneer manages to capture the Zen koan of Draper’s ambivalent soul.

Mad Men Episode 9: Is There a Cure For Don Draper’s Sex Addiction?

Mad Men, Season 6 Episode 9 Mad Men, Joanna Schroeder, Mad Men Recap

Joanna Schroeder recaps Episode 9 of Mad Men, and explains the ways in which great television is as much about our own hopes and dreams as it is about the storyline and characters.

The Child is the Father of the Man – Mad Men, Episode 8

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 8, episode 8 recap, Mad Men, Abigail Rine, Mad Men Recaps, Good Men Project, analysis Mad Men, don draper raped, dick whitman raped

Abigail Rine recaps Mad Men’s Episode 8, where the office gets high on uppers, and it’s revealed that Don Draper’s sex addiction may link back to having been raped as a teenager.

Mrs. Antihero

Skyler White, I hate Skyler White, why people hate Skyler White

We love to watch bad guys on TV. Why do we love to hate their wives almost as much?

Mad Men, Episode 6: Despite Being a Complete Jerk, Don Draper is a Hero Once Again

Joanna Schroeder, Mad Men recap, Pete Campbell falls down stairs, Mad Men Gifs, pete stairs mad men gif, mad men episode 6 season 6, mad men photos, mad men analysis

Joanna Schroeder recaps and rips into this week’s episode of Mad Men: Season 6, Episode 6.

Mad Men, Episode 5: Shot Rings Out In the Memphis Sky

Mad Men, don and bobby, MLK Mad Men, Matthew Norman, Mad Men Recap, Mad Men Episode 5, Mad Men Season 6

Matthew Norman risks drifting into wide-eyed fanboy territory when he admits that forty-five minutes in, Episode 5 becomes something special.