I Tried to Live Like a Male Stripper for a Week


It was less Magic Mike and more The Full Monty.

‘Magic Mike’ – The Most Enjoyable American Movie of Last Year

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Male stripper film ‘Magic Mike’ is now available on DVD, and Jesse Kornbluth has a surprising review.

What We Loved in 2012 According to Facebook


Top trends in 2012 according to our favorite social network

TubeCrush: “Homage to the Hommes” or Unauthorized Exploitation of Men?

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Joanna Schroeder likes cute guys as much as much as any other red-blood heterosexual woman, but thinks covert photo sites like TubeCrush are deeply problematic.

Is Male Nudity Inherently Ridiculous?

Note: After the next few paragraphs, this article contains shirtless people of assorted genders and one fully naked person. If you do not want to see shirtless people of a particular gender or in general, or you are in a working or other environment in which such things would be inappropriate, I advise you go here and look […]

News That Happened While Ozy Was Away

Hey guys! Vacation was fun. Stuff, unfortunately, Kept Happening while I was gone, which was deeply insensitive of it, so I’ll just round up the shit that happened with my commentary. 1) Chick-Fil-A, in a move that surprises no one, fucking hates gay people. The Jim Henson Company has severed all ties with them! So […]

Hotsagram: Addictive For No Good Reason

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Joanna Schroeder talks about the newest incarnation of ‘Hot or Not’ and muses on whether objectification like this is good for society.

Sleight of Hand: The Real Magic Of Magic Mike


Julie Gillis wonders if the strip club is perhaps a temple of honest humanity, and it’s only the shadow of shame cast by society that causes all the troubles.

Magic Mike: Something Much Worse than the Objectification of Men

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Joanna Schroeder is amazed at the way Magic Mike manages to damage both masculinity and the image of female sexuality in one 110-minute sausage fest.

Open Thread: Can Men Be Objectified?

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What do you think? Can men be objectified? How does the objectification of men differ from the objectification of women?

Magic Mike: On the Objectification of Men

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Joanna Schroeder wonders what a film that seems to be only about hot gyrating guys says about society and how it will affect masculinity in the long run.