I Tried to Live Like a Male Stripper for a Week

It was less Magic Mike and more The Full Monty.

‘Magic Mike’ – The Most Enjoyable American Movie of Last Year

Male stripper film ‘Magic Mike’ is now available on DVD, and Jesse Kornbluth has a surprising review.

What We Loved in 2012 According to Facebook

Top trends in 2012 according to our favorite social network

TubeCrush: “Homage to the Hommes” or Unauthorized Exploitation of Men?

Joanna Schroeder likes cute guys as much as much as any other red-blood heterosexual woman, but thinks covert photo sites like TubeCrush are deeply problematic.

Is Male Nudity Inherently Ridiculous?

Note: After the next few paragraphs, this article contains shirtless people of assorted genders and one fully naked person. If you do not want to see shirtless people of a particular gender or in general, or you are in a working or other environment in which such things would be inappropriate, I advise you go here and look […]

News That Happened While Ozy Was Away

Hey guys! Vacation was fun. Stuff, unfortunately, Kept Happening while I was gone, which was deeply insensitive of it, so I’ll just round up the shit that happened with my commentary. 1) Chick-Fil-A, in a move that surprises no one, fucking hates gay people. The Jim Henson Company has severed all ties with them! So […]

Hotsagram: Addictive For No Good Reason

Joanna Schroeder talks about the newest incarnation of ‘Hot or Not’ and muses on whether objectification like this is good for society.

Sleight of Hand: The Real Magic Of Magic Mike

Julie Gillis wonders if the strip club is perhaps a temple of honest humanity, and it’s only the shadow of shame cast by society that causes all the troubles.

Magic Mike: Something Much Worse than the Objectification of Men

Joanna Schroeder is amazed at the way Magic Mike manages to damage both masculinity and the image of female sexuality in one 110-minute sausage fest.

Open Thread: Can Men Be Objectified?

What do you think? Can men be objectified? How does the objectification of men differ from the objectification of women?

Magic Mike: On the Objectification of Men

Joanna Schroeder wonders what a film that seems to be only about hot gyrating guys says about society and how it will affect masculinity in the long run.