The Importance of ‘Making Room for Gray’

How male survivors of sexual assault can escape limited world views and form healthy, supportive relationships.

Today’s Man Cave Friendships Started in a Treehouse

The neighborhood treehouse was a meeting place where boys became men on their own terms.

I Saw Two Boys Show Affection to Each Other and Assumed They Were Gay

I was probably wrong.

Why do Friends Give Each Other a Hard Time?

What’s really going on when guys torment each other in the name of friendship?

How Male Bonding Strengthens Culture

In a small town in South India, men run together to build a stronger, healthier society.

How Men Sit in a Ball Pit and Make a Friend

It is National Make a Friend Day. Anyone have a ball pit we can use?

Make a Friend Today for #NationalMakeAFriendDay!

It is National Make a Friend Day today. Recent articles and studies suggest that many men reach middle age with no friends. This feeds into horrifying statistics on men’s mental health and suicide rates. Buck the trend. Let Randy Newman and Lyle Lovett inspire you to reach out and create a bond — today.

The Stay-at-Home-Dad in Search of Bro-mance

Jason Zufall is a dad who needs a buddy. He is finding that process to be harder than the romance that made him a dad in the first place. Here’s what happened one day to change all that.

The Sexiest Tribute to “the Bromance” Ever

It is a parody— but still-

The Art of the Men’s Council Dinner, Please Pass the Roadkill

How to create a community of men, with or without roadkill.

The City Dump

Oklahoma Poet Laureate Benjamin Myers writes of men and brotherhood, and how healing can occur in unexpected places.

Why Men Need to Play

Duncan Alldridge explores men’s inherent need for play as part of healthy masculinity.

How to Be The Sober Sports Guy

Trying to stay sober during sports season while it seems like everyone around you is drinking? Ryan Bell has a plan.

Say ‘I Love You’

An encounter with a teammate reminds Isa Qasim that saying ‘I love you’ isn’t limited to romantic relationships or your immediate family.

Poetry in Exile

Nature inspires us all. Even in the cold confines of Prison.

Comment of the Day: “I am an officer at a prison where macho is important.”

This comment was by Tom and originally appeared on the post “Why People Think My Boyfriends and I Are Gay”.