AIDS: How Far the World has Come and How Far it Needs to go to Get to Zero

Foundation essay: Our foundation essays are longer than usual and take a wider look at key issues affecting society.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Respect the Foreskin

Scott Posey originally wanted to have his newborn son circumcised, but, after he honestly asked himself why, his opinion started to change…

New Rites of Passage for Young Men

How to create meaningful rites that young men want to experience.

The Intact-ivists

A diverse group of men who are opposed to circumcision share a common, if unorthodox, mission—to restore their foreskins.

Law and Ritual Practices: On Circumcision and Ethics

Nilofar Ansher questions some of the questioning in the circumcision debate

Choosing Not to Circumcise

An activist, psychotherapist, and mother on the rationale behind her decision.

Ban on Circumcision Up for Vote in San Francisco

A new ballot initiative in San Francisco could ban male circumcision in the city. Is this a win for “intactivists”?

Good Morning Links

Today is Thursday, May 19, and we’re spending it updating our resume to apply for this new opening at the IMF. Here are some links of note today: