Manage your Emotions, Master your Heart

Pixar’s Inside Out has writer John Glass reflecting on his own approach to managing emotions.

6 Ways to Prevent Irritable Male Syndrome from Ruining Valentine’s Day

“Valentine’s Day” came from anger, irritability, and violence not candy, hearts, and flowers.

Men, it’s Okay to be Sad

You aren’t suffering because you’re sad, you’re suffering because you’re resisting being sad.

Dear John: He Says I Cry Too Much

A boyfriend who thinks his girlfriend cries too much, a guy who thinks his gay friends have too much PDA, and a son playing violent video games at a friends house.

The F-Word for Black Men

Introducing a new weekly column on The Good Life by popular contributor “Dr. Bill” Johnson II on black masculinity. This week, he addresses people with common values, separated by a word.

The Uniform of Gender

Gender is like a uniform you can’t take off.

Do Guys Fight For Their Friendships? (Hint: NYT says “No”; I say “Hell, Yes”!)

A new claim about what is wrong with men is vigorously refuted by the GMP founder.

Emotional Healing

The time has come for a new conversation about our emotional healing.

Understanding My Father

Mychal Smith’s father will never express his feelings, no matter how desperately his sons need him to find some sort of expression.