A Movie That Opens a Window into Male Vulnerability

When men feel that being vulnerable with other men is a worthwhile risk they will begin to experience themselves as “real.” Not “real men.” But real people.

The Importance of ‘Making Room for Gray’

How male survivors of sexual assault can escape limited world views and form healthy, supportive relationships.

Today’s Man Cave Friendships Started in a Treehouse

The neighborhood treehouse was a meeting place where boys became men on their own terms.

Letter to a Dead Boy

I wonder where you’ve gone and when I do I wonder how those you loved and who loved you are wondering their own thoughts, their own pain.

Call for Submissions: What Does it Take for a Guy to Make a Friend?

We love dogs too, but we aren’t convinced they should be a man’s BEST friend. Tell us how you find good friends.

Would I Have Been a Better Son if I’d Been Able to Show I Loved My Father?

The non-demonstrative relationship he had with his father seemed normal, until he observed the easy intimacy between men in another country.

Prince, Todd, RuPaul, and Me

“Prince and I did not get off, so to speak, on the good foot.” — Robert Burke Warren on how Prince made him unafraid.

Friends or Significant Other – Choose One

Sami Jankins believes friends should never be ditched for a significant other.

Why Guys Need Allies Instead of Drinking Buddies

How many $6 beers have you literally pissed away with drinking buddies, when what you really need is an ally who actually cares about you and supports your direction in life?

How My Son Became His Own Man in Spite of Me

When a tragedy touched his life she fought to keep him, and almost lost him. In the end she had to wish him ‘safe travels’ and let him go.

What Has Happened To Male Friendships?

Men need the places where friendships are forged, without them we are vulnerable more than most people realize.

He Hugged Me (Without Asking)

When it comes to building healthy adult male relationships, Steve Hinkle recently made a step in the right direction. Well, in all honesty, someone else made the first step. He gave him a hug without asking.

5 Reasons Friendships Get Better As We Get Older

Our friendships change over time, but can get better and deeper as we get older.

The Stay-at-Home-Dad in Search of Bro-mance

Jason Zufall is a dad who needs a buddy. He is finding that process to be harder than the romance that made him a dad in the first place. Here’s what happened one day to change all that.

On a Crust and a Prayer, a Story of Pizza and Angels

Sometimes angels manifest themselves in ordinary and familiar forms.

What Happens After the Fairy Tale Ends?

Sami Jankins discusses modern dating with talk radio host and marriage coach, Lesli Doares.