How Drake is Redefining Masculinity

Drake’s vulnerability has changed hip-hop and is remaking what it means to be a man.

After a Disabling Diagnosis, Men Strive to Redefine Their Identities

The time is overdue to delve into the mystery of why a man’s identity is so closely connected to what he does for a living…especially a disabled man.

The Truth about Superheroes, Men, and Fear

Men still struggle with the “fearless man stigma” but really, we don’t think these superheroes could handle what you do every day.

Guys Like You Find the Power of Words about Men’s Personal Growth

The world is changing and so are men. How is your personal growth affected by social change? Or, does your personal growth change society? We want to hear from you!

Add Your Voice to the Changing Perceptions of Men and Masculinity

Lend us your words. We talk every day about the personal growth of men, the societal pressures on men, how the world is changing as it reflects on the male identity, and how men evolve and help change the world.

A Shooting and Data From Two Dating Sites: What It All Says About The Identities of Men and Women

Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project.

Is the NFL’s Culture of Violence Causing a Crisis of American Masculinity?

Is what’s happening in the NFL causing a crisis of identity in the American male?

Real Men and Self-Perception

Amber Colyer shares her observations of a man’s need for validation and how this affects how men view themselves.

Mrs. Antihero

We love to watch bad guys on TV. Why do we love to hate their wives almost as much?

Open Thread: Why Are Men Reluctant to Write About Marriage?

Most of the submissions to the Marriage Section come from women. Gint Aras continues to wonder if this is a symptom of something greater.

The Cold, Wet Nose of Acceptance

Arthur MacMaster struggles to accept himself as a man with a disability, but his dog doesn’t.

What Makes a Man…a Man?

The blokes at MensStylePower give some serious thought to an important question.

Is Selling Your Name The Same As Selling Your Identity?

What does it say about a person, when they are willing to sell even their last name for profit?

Thoughts of a Depressed Husband

Marriage to a compassionate wife helps Tim Chan face and treat his depression.

Why “What Do You Do?” is an Attack on Manhood

Tom Matlack wonders why men are always defined by what they do, instead of who they are, or better yet, what they love.

To the Edge of the Earth

We just passed through Death Valley (insert 23rd Psalm joke here) and we’re about 100 miles from the edge of the world, also known as Los Angeles. As my mind wandered while scanning the dunes and scrub brush, I started thinking back to the stories about my dad when he left home. As soon as […]